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Casper Update: Nov. 24, 2007

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Separating wheat from chaff (fact from rumor) is difficult right now but here is our best effort for today.

Federal Judges have received orders from BUSH ( through Justice ???) not to help program participants in any way and if they do there will be "severe retribution". We view this FIRST HAND INFORMATION as a dangerous development and suggest this fact be widely disseminated to everyone everywhere ASAP. Explanations, if any, should be posted on the net for all to see. "Sources", including Europe, should be apprised of this development. All Federal Judges have received this order.

BoA will not be the U.S. central bank. What a weird report from someone who should know better. BoA is "upside down" internally, is primarily a "retail" bank, is only in 23 states, has been totally corrupt since acquired by NATIONS which changed their name to BoA, has been "shopped" all over the world, and has finally been acquired, we hear, by Deutsch Bank which has done a major "house cleaning" and will close many "bad" banks. BoA will be a treasury bank not a central bank. Part and parcel of what's supposed to be coming down here is a return to constitutional law which says ONLY THE CONGRESS SHALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO PRINT AND COIN MONEY, a sovereign right "SOLD" by Woodrow Wilson to the Illuminati International bankers in order to get himself elected, resulting in the FED RES in 1913. An ownership change to ANY OTHER privately owned banking cartel solves nothing. TREASURY---CONSTITUTIONAL TREASURY---not PAULSON/BUSH/CORPORATE TREASURY is the only acceptable solution to the sellout of the U.S. Constitution by every D.C POLITICIAN except RON PAUL.

We hear PROVOST JOHNSON was fired and arrested Tuesday around 5p.m. EST and it was the NEW PROVOST (name unknown- but is one of the two working under Johnson) who was upstairs at CITI with WEIR and BUSH SENIOR when WANTA was thrown out downstairs. Senior tried to scam Weir saying he was authorized by GW to do this and that, Weir said no, new provost backed her up. There appears to be many meetings "behind locked doors" going on now. One rumor has the Saudi's telling BUSH they will decouple oil from the dollar on the 27th if deliveries not made by then, a report we don't understand as it would be decoupled in any event with the demise of the FED RES and THEIR dollar.

We continue to hear, as we always have, that Wanta will not have "ACCESS" till our deliveries are underway in earnest. Getting paid on the computer at CITI or anywhere else is a step preliminary to "funding" (or access) , has occurred with all programs, and this point of contention between us and STORY (which comes first-chicken or egg) will never be reconciled as we simply have a different understanding than he does. You are familiar with our metaphor: we are all in the same clogged pipeline together, when the faucet is turned on we will all come out approximately together.

Yes, deliveries have continued to occur to those who can't access, Connecticut and Wash. State "got lucky" this week (very limited deliveries).

The banking changeover is still scheduled 12/1 which replaces 8/15, 9/18/, 10/1, 11-1/, 11/15, now 12/1.

Peripheral program trustee's are telling their people next week, we go first, before them, before Wanta, before anything and everything so sayeth those with fingers on triggers.

We know nothing of Special Forces call-up but hope its true. We don't know everything and most of what we think we are sure about does not happen on time as things keep getting delayed. What with the orders to the judges, Seniors ongoing attempts to scam Weir, GW's Provost getting arrested and all the interesting goodies from Story it is obvious the criminals have not "gotten religion". It's all about the announcements we opine, which spells their demise. Stop deliveries-stop announcements. Who knows the size of Johnson's new Swiss numbered account or perhaps the threats against his family? There are no words to describe the utterly evil nature of the Illuminist Bankers and their political pawns BUSH/CLINTON/BUSH/CLINTON?? and the majority in CONGRESS which have aided and abetted the most unbelievable and TREASONOUS conduct imaginable. The CORPORATE U.S. GOV'T is the ENEMY of the entire world and especially their own citizens which they have OPENLY DECLARED TO BE THEIR ENEMY. WAKE UP AMERICA. Come January these DRS (dirty rotten scoundrels) are going to get their just deserts in spades (9-11).

Hang tough friends. Its coming.

casper 11-24-07