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Casper Update: Nov. 17, 2007

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The "WE THE PEOPLE" first amendment "right to petition" lawsuit and the "voting machine" lawsuit against the UNITED STATES are the subjects of a full page ad in the WASHINGTON TIMES next weekly edition. This is important stuff friends. Please try to keep up with it and remember them after funding.

Wanta has been taken care of and Wanta knows that Wanta has been taken care of. Whether other parties know this or not is not our concern. More than likely they do know and just can't say but it may well be that they are "in the dark" for reasons unknown to us. If the reason be to keep the details "out of print" nothing positive can be gained by us spilling the beans here just to show someone that that which is being handled secretly is not as big a secret as they think it is, except to say, for the sake of posterity, the status and amounts repeated ad infinitum by STORY are not correct and have not been correct for some time. But we can take a hint; mums the word.

Regarding Q and Story's admirable defense of her, you can't blame a fellow for defending his Q now can you? Unfortunately we know better. Oh that his view were accurate. This planet is in desperate need of some integrity on both sides of the pond. Do you remember the months and months of reporting here regarding the calls to her bedside telephone? And the number of times our friends met her on the tarmac during her many clandestine trips to the U.S.? Our reporting from within the Palace itself? The arguments, the fights, in many venue's and settings over a long period of time when all seemed to hang in the balance on the outcome of this or that meeting as crisis after crisis unfolded involving the Q.?? That was "real time" reporting friends from people present sometimes and just outside the locked doors most times and none of it was pleasant and all of it involved her ongoing attempts to thwarts the funding, maintain the status quo with the Bushes and the Fed Res, and to see to it that Higgins and Greenspan played ball every step of the way. If this subject is of particular interest to you go back and read about it as it happened, week after week, month after month, all niters more times than we can count, sending Charles and Phillip over here, the "deals" with Merle, Senior, China, the Wld Ct and the Sup. Court, etc. etc. etc.. Again we see nothing positive to be gained by flogging the old girl one last time so if you want the facts as they unfolded go read about them. We can't help but wonder what a little historical knowledge might do for some peoples current point of view.

As to the GHWB/Greenspan funding failsafe mechanism's that is but one of the many TECHNICAL impediments thrown up by GHWB/Clinton/GW/Greenspan/Paulson/Q/courts and their lawyers and BANKING allies all over the world. That's why it took years to deal with it. That's why, after years of efforts to finally retrieve and secure the stolen funds the BATTLEFIELD moved "upstairs" to the international political arena where the outcome has really been decided.

As for all that gold moving into Ft. Knox, that's a secret too so lets not talk about it.

Speaking of rats, I am beginning to smell a big one. This is pure speculation so pray its not true. Why are the "DON'S" not being arrested? The big fish? Smells like general johnny, er, rodney, has decided to seek the nearest exit as so many before him have done ( SDO, Gates, etc.). He appears incapable or unwilling to take on the really tough stuff such as the congress's $200.M each payoff's from years ago into their Canadian accounts set up for them by BoA/California. Or the Phil Gramm/Orrin Hatch/Bush Senior/Mormon Church mule train set up so long ago to divert the BBC funds to themselves and also run through BoA California. Or the declaration that U.S. citizens are the ENEMY of the U.S. Gov't as they amended the 1917 Trading With The Enemy Act in the 30's, and literally dozens of other CRIMINAL ACTS which continue to this day. Where is there anywhere in this country a MAN who will honor his oath to the CONSTITUTION?? I smell one of those infamous "for the good of the nation" lines of crap coming. Unless this filthy laundry gets washed in public, unless we have a return to constitutional law and the ARREST of the MAFIA DON'S including Bill and Hillary all that will really have happened is that one banking cartel will have sold the birth certificates and future labor of American Citizens to a different banking cartel. The ongoing suppression of the most horrendous activities of the UP.S. CORPORATE GOVT coupled with the failure of the military to protect the country from all enemies DOMESTIC and foreign will doom our country to a future similar to MEXICO where bribery and blackmail flourish and nothing and no one can be trusted. All is quiet with the PROVOST. He's not telling anyone why he's turned yellow and is failing his country and his oath if in fact this is the stench being smelled here and abroad. Say it ain't so Johnson. Bounce your grandkids on your knee and tell them it ain't so GENERAL. The announcements will tell the truth of it. Hero or Traitor, our nations future appears to be in the hands of the military or in the hands of the criminals who may own the military as well as the criminally negligent ABC boys and girls. Pray it ain't so.

The current "schedule" is Mond/Tues so lets hope they don't change it again.

casper 11-17-07