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Casper Update: Nov. 16, 2007

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FRIENDS, yesterday's update from Christopher Story saying that "we ungrateful payees will receive payment thanks solely to WANTAGATE" is nonsense and for the sake of posterity cannot be allowed to stand. He thinks he and Wanta and Cottrell are the horses pulling the wagon in which you and I and 300,000++others are "along for the ride". Such arrogance, such puffery and self serving NONSENSE.

Lets look at things from a different perspective and see how he likes it.

If it were not for the problems of the Wantagate funding being illegally yoked with the prosperity programs we would already have been funded. Wanta and his attendant problems have arrived late to a party which has been underway for more than a decade and a half. "WE" have been dealing with the corruption of Senior and Greenspan, blocking their trades, recovering stolen funds, freezing their accounts, unraveling all manor of entanglements with the Queen, the courts, the banks, etc. for years before Story or Wanta shows up, long before Paulson or the Provost shows up, and the idea that he or they are causing OUR funding is pure NONSENSE. They are riding our coat tails, assisting at long last the final push of the snowball over the crest of the hill, AND after OUR people have been fighting this battle all over the world as reported here weekly for YEARS, STORY still does not realize, apparently, that hi s hero, the Queen, was partnering with Senior in every imaginable attempt to scam and steal our funds, bribing Wld Court judges, fighting this nations break from the existing privately owned central banking system in which she had a vested interest, precluding our return to constitutional law, playing all sides against the middle for years, using super computers (GW/ranch) and controlled and corrupt bankers all over the world to block the breakup of world control by the Illuminist of which she has always been a major player, resulting, eventually, in the breakup of her partnership with Merkle who had been fooled into the acquisition of BoA private banking to further steal our funds, and her eventual split with Bush as the "rats in the sack" eventually turned on each other (stolen gold, etc.). AND in the mist of what Story has suddenly "discovered" ( with, apparently, no historical knowledge whatsoever as he is so engrossed in making Wanta the savior of the world and by ex tension himself a Nobel laureate), he fails to mention that in the middle years of all these goings on it was THE QUEEN WHO TOOK THAT KING OF CROOKS (GREENSPAN) TO HER CASTLE IN SCOTLAND AND KNIGHTED HIM FOR THE SUCCESSFUL THEFT OF THE T's HE NOW RAILS ABOUT. Such nonsense. Such uninformed NONSENSE. If you want a reasonably accurate portrayal of the war with Senior/Greenspan over the years leading up to the arrival of Story/Wanta go back and read our reports from years ago which begin with Seniors outcry in Judge Debora Batts Federal courtroom " this will happen over my dead body and I have a 300T war-chest to fight it with". Welcome to the party Mr. Story-the punch bowl is over yonder.

Many times we have said "we don't know everything" and we still don't. But it is not at all uncommon for us to know things days before Story writes about them causing us to wonder whether there are things Wanta is unable to share with him or whether Wanta himself is kept in the dark. A current example is the "hundreds of T's" recovered and reported by Story this week. That money was recovered last week and was already "downloaded" to its intended destinations Monday, days before Story reported it. And so, in terms of historical knowledge AND current knowledge Story obviously does not know everything either.

As to the PROVOST, he was put there by GW several years ago and is subjected to pressures we can scarcely understand. His difficulties with CITI is an example. GW is warned by the Saudi prince (major stockholder in CITI) "hands off my bank or there will be severe consequences". GW orders Provost to stand down. What is he to do?? Accept $200. oil?? He is catching hell from all sides, especially our side.

Recent e-mails regarding lawsuits in 50 states to outlaw voting machines by "WE THE PEOPLE" is the same as Please remember them after funding.

Also, remember ABH. That's ABH. Anybody but Hillary. We cannot afford a continuation of the Bush/Clinton/Bush crime syndicate which has brought us to the very edge of the abyss.

Think about your method of distribution. Assuming no shortage of funds, and certainly there is no shortage of need, how do we avoid a bottleneck in the middle, how do we distribute funds quickly and responsibly ?

All the above having been said those writing nasty e-mails to Story, especially those on our side of the deal, should be ashamed of themselves. Read his archived writings. No one has worked harder over the last 18 months to see this mess through to conclusion than Story has. It's not right to expect him to know what happened at the party hours before his midnight arrival.

WE expect deliveries to begin today. Peripheral program trustees are on standby awaiting their green lights. Funding will occur in stages, not all at the front door. There are several changes, vis-a-vis, previous expectations which can't be discussed here.

It's all good we hear.