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Casper Update: Nov 5, 2007

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For months we have been reporting GW's never ending interference yet only now, at the last minute, are others tapping into this longstanding truth.

It's not a matter of "law", what's legal or not, what is right or wrong or just, or a matter of what the courts have ruled or the threats made ( arrests, embargo's, etc.).

It's what he does, continuously, with the support of the banks, the treasury, the supreme court and the whores in D.C. (politicians) because they have all been "in on it". But make no mistake, GW is the conductor of the orchestra and virtually all the delays, for years, have been orchestrated by none other.

He has used his emergency powers, executive orders and authorities as a wartime president to frustrate the entire world, Wanta and us.

Is it arrogance? Or preservation of U.S. dollar hegemony and defense of our countries preeminence in world finance?

A necessary step to cover past thefts and backfill black holes?

Personal greed of himself, family and friends?

Is it to protect the Globalist agenda to which he and his father and the Clinton's and the CFR and all the "illuminated" ones subscribe?

Does it matter? Do you care?

Well, it does matter and we should all care.

At the heart of it all is the loss of the ideals and documents upon which our country was founded.

This loss, or more accurately, this theft, has already occurred.

The issue is whether or not these things are retrievable or whether the current thieves in office and candidates for continued thievery will remain in power with another vote for continued corruption from the american people.

Are you appalled that the people of Louisiana have reelected the congressman found with 100k in his freezer?

What is the difference between that and our willingness to elect elect and reelect criminals to the highest offices? Yes, I know, "they" own both corrupt candidates and the voting machines and could care less who we vote for. BUT. If we really really want to do something about the current state of affairs we could elect Ron Paul. Couldn't we??

What if the ground swell was so great it simply could not be denied. I have been slow to support Paul as I fear for the people of Iraq if we withdraw suddenly. Is this not the demand of the left? Hmmm. The left joins the right (constitution) and Paul is elected by acclamation. Paul's message(s) are overwhelmingly popular but he needs money to compete. Go to: and give a hundred bucks.

Do it today if you agree. Put it on a card if necessary, just do it.

Only once in my lifetime have I ever used my Credit Card on the internet--that was today--and I made a contribution to Ron Paul.

No candidate is perfect not even Ron Paul but if we really want our country back, if we really want honesty and integrity in the White House, this is our longshot chance to have it.

OK. Now that we have Paul elected, back to business.

The "blackout orders" handed down last week in D.C. carried with them severe threats for violators. HaHaHa. "They" continue to be flabbergasted that we always find out what they are up to. (for example, the goings on behind closed doors at CITI are considerably larger than the big "news" you see on the financial channels). You don't suppose their offices and calls are "monitored" do you?

GW's most recent round of crap has been overcome and we are back on go as in Get Ready, Get Set--___!!!!!

The "EMERGENCY" board meetings yesterday and Saturday were not just at CITI as the banks ready themselves for the big event and for us. Their portfolios of "securities" developed for the primary purpose of "booking" fee income immediately and lining their pockets have no takers at 20 cents on the dollar.

The FED has continued to bail out their clients (banks) by manufacturing money in huge amounts "out of thin air" a feat now accomplished with computers more so than printing hundred dollar bills for 3 cents each.

This is, plain and simple, a BAILOUT of their clients on the backs of the people as the losses are passed down in the form of that most insidious and invisible tax called inflation.

Get ready for price increases for all things "consumed" by the people and when the numbers get out of hand they will simply remove those items from the CPI as they have already done with food and fuel and M3. Our gov't are scam artists of the first order, totally corrupt in every respect, funding monuments to each other while the bridges fall down and hippy museums (Woodstock) and hundreds , even thousands of "earmarks" to purchase the votes in the next election.

Fourteen percent approval ratings-ninety percent reelected.

Whata country.

Perhaps a return to the constitution will get rid of the politicians elected to the CORPORATE U.S. GOV'T..

Perhaps treasury banking will force the write-off of the trillion plus in bogus B.S. on the Banks books.

Perhaps there is a plan to offset the 450T in derivatives exposure.

Perhaps the 1500 arrest warrants will be served and the criminals will be jailed.

Perhaps the two weeks of announcements and education on television will explain how our republic was taken over by the Globalist using the TREATY process to bypass the Constitution which required the cooperation of the Senators who work for the CORPORATE United States and the Illuminist NEW WORLD ORDER.

Perhaps a pill will be developed which can be swallowed easily to help citizens overcome the complacency that allowed their country to be stolen without their knowledge.

Perhaps the E.T.'s will land and save us.

Perhaps the people will awake to their responsibilities and get rid of the Bush/Clinton crime syndicate and elect Paul or someone else who steps forward at announcement time.

Perhaps pigs will fly.

Deliveries should occur within 48 hours unless GW blows something up and blames it on Iran.

casper 11-05-07