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Kill Your Television: TurnOffYourTV

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-- from the poem An American Prayer by Jim Morrison

"They put an off button on the TV for a reason. Turn it off . . . I really don't watch much TV."

-- President George W. Bush, C-SPAN interview, January 2005

"American children and adolescents spend 22 to 28 hours per week viewing television, more than any other activity except sleeping. By the age of 70 they will have spent 7 to 10 years of their lives watching TV."

-- The Kaiser Family Foundation

"You watch television to turn your brain off and you work on your computer when you want to turn your brain on."

-- Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer and Pixar, in Macworld Magazine, February 2004

"Everybody’s got values . . . The thing that frightens me is the way that an eroding public school system . . . and television on all over the place is leading to a steady dumbing down of the American public and a corrosion of basic critical thinking in the population."

-- Jamie Raskin, American University law professor, November 2004 on the Democracy Now! radio program

"Protestant clergy named divorce, negative influences from the media, and materialism as the three greatest threats to families in their communities."

-- from an Ellison Research study of 695 Protestant church ministers nationwide, October 2004

"The media can wreak great harm on the family when it offers an inadequate or even distorted vision of life, of the family itself and of religion and morality."

-- Pope John Paul II, May 2004


Average daily allotments of household and individual television viewing increased from the previous year to reach all-time highs during the 2005-06 season.

"These results demonstrate that television still holds its position as the most popular entertainment platform," said Patricia McDonough of Nielsen Media Research. "At this point, consumption of emerging forms of entertainment, including Internet television and video on personal devices, seems not to be making an impact on traditional television viewing."

The total average time per household in 2005-06 was eight hours and 14 minutes per day.

-- Reuters (September 22, 2006)

Table Of Contents


The role of advertising in television -- a review of Jerry Mander's Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television.

A Review of Robert McChesney's The Problem Of The Media

The Universal OFF! - TV B-Gone

Advertisers have their eyes on you -- a review of Spy TV and the threat of interactive television.

How television affects the mind:-- a review of the movie The Tube.

Living In A Culture Of Fear: a review of the movie Bowling For Columbine.

An Exhortation On Values -- A Review Of Media Violence Alert -- by Erica Albanese

Why Network is the greatest anti-television movie ever made.

Amused To Death -- an analysis of Roger Waters' musical commentary (and a review of Waters' "In The Flesh" live performance).

Illustration by Howard Schechtman

General Commentary

The Boob Tube Part 2: The Breasts of Britney Spears vs. The Military Industrial Complex

Television's Hidden Agenda

The Beautiful People Syndrome -- How Television Warps Your Mind.

War TV: American Television's Feel-Good Conflict.

How Can War Be Wholesome Family Entertainment?

U.S. Presidential Election 2004: The Perils of Punditry and Propaganda

Being On TV: In Front Of The Camera On "Because I Said So With Maggie Cassella."

The Creation of Network Zombies

Health & Education

"Zoned Out"

Illustration by Heath Patterson

Programs & Ratings

Ratings & Advertising 2000: What Are Americans Really Watching?!

The Networks

Big Media 2007: For The Love of Money

The Billion Dollar Players: Television Network Revenue Update 2004

Why Fox News Channel Is An Industry Joke

Merger Wars - the NBC-Vivendi deal and media globalization.

Orwell Rolls In His Grave -- movie review

The Comcast Media Pac-Man

Are You Cable Ready? by Jenifer Dana Miller (one woman's experience with Comcast D

igital Cable)

Mergermania 2003 - the FCC's new rules will help the big get bigger.

Mergermania 2000 -- it's all about money

Corporate Television 1997 -- Who owns the networks?

Mergermania -- the effects of the 1996 Telecom Act.

Found on a wall in Glasgow, Scotland

Photo taken by Brian Aslak Gylte from Norway


Panem et Circenses: How Silvio Berlusconi Rules Italy (2004)

Television In Japan

The BBC Television Licence -- A TV Ownership Tax That Is Not So Easily Avoided.

Viewcrime by Paul Jacob (a perspective on the BBC TV licence)

The Ultimate Couch Potato -- the anti-TV display at the Millennium Dome in London.


Poems & Essays

I'm Addicted To TV by Dare

Snow TV by Ron Kaufman

I just killed my TV by Ken Rubin

you are being brainwashed by Jersey Mike

A Self-guided Meditation on Television by Damien Hoffman

Poems by Iris Denyse Milliken

Pamela Anderson: Feminist Tribute by Erica Albanese

. . . .and now a word from our sponsor.

Surviving The Clock Of Life by Greg Lowe

A Television Poem by Jennifer Siegel

Spare Time by Carrie Lawson

Shockwave by Leon Easter

Flower Power by Lucky Duck

Television is Not Your Friend by R.K. Cowles

A TV Prayer

"Today, Tonight and Tomorrow" by Salvador Dali

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron

57 Channels (And Nothin' On) by Bruce Springsteen

Television by Bad Religion

Jimmy Jet And His TV Set by Shel Silverstein

Cartoons about TV

Public Opinions

Join The Discussion: Life Outside The Box - express your opinion through this online discussion board (outside link).

Public Opinion Section - Comments from cyberspace about television.

Public Opinions Part II - More comments from KYTV readers.

Public Opinions Part III - Why reading and writing are more fun.

Public Opinions Part IV - Hate Mail and Weird Mail

Public Opinions Part V - Families and Television

Public Opinions Part VI - More Comments And Criticisms

Public Opinions Part VII - Comments (2006 - 2007)

Illustration by eian

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Non-Television Activities

Good Books -- what to do instead of watching the tube.

Bored? Take A Hike! -- nature photos to inspire you.

Turn Off Your TV and Exercise! The Body-for-LIFE program can show you how.

Things To Do: Instead Of Watching TV

Anti-TV Resources

Bibliography of print resources -- for further reading.


About the creator of


"I think that too much media in the hands of one powerful entity or one individual is a mistake. I think it runs counter to the foundation of our country. I think it runs counter to the need for Americans to know that they are getting news and information from multiple sources that are not singularly controlled."

-- Senator and Presidental Candidate John Kerry, June 2004

"I thank the Congress for reducing the chances that the hours spent in church or synagogue or in discussion around the dinner table about right and wrong and what can and cannot happen in the world will not be undone by unthinking hours in front of a television set."

-- President Bill Clinton upon signing the Telecommunications Act of 1996 on the V-chip, designed to help parents block out violence on television.

"I don't sit in front of anything right now. I mean, I don't watch television, and I make my living out of it. It's not out of any great principle. I work at it all day. I'm traveling, at night I'm going (to give) speeches. Other than watching sports and the news, I just don't watch it."

-- Talk show host Jerry Springer in an interview with the San Jose-Mercury News, January 2000

"Children cannot learn to read by watching television. Television is just background noise and a distraction."

-- First Lady Laura Bush during the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, July 2000

"As you become able to pull back out of the immersion in the TV set, you can widen your perceptual environment to again include the room you are in.

Your feelings and personal awareness are rekindled. With self-awareness emerging you can perceive the quality of sensory deadness television induces, the one-dimensionality of its narrowed information field, and arrive at an awareness of boredom.

This leads to channel switching at first and eventually turning off the set."

-- Jerry Mander, author of Four Arguments For the Elimination Of Television

Feb. 26, 2011