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Is There A Jewish Bias At NPR?

Robert H. Countess, Ph.D.

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On NPR and the dismissal of the Gentile Bob Edwards, host of Morning Edition.

As I recall, Bob Edwards was a Gentile from Kentucky and hosted the National Public Radio show MORNING EDITION for many years until a few weeks ago. Prior to Morning Edition, he hosted the NPR afternoon show ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.

It was this latter show to which I took my sons back around 1975 in downtown District of Columbia and we sat in the studio for 90 minutes watching the live presentation of this highly popular national program. At that time, ATC was co-hosted by Susan Stamberg and the news read by Dianne Dimont (both Jewish).

This past week while vacationing on the Gulf Shore, I listened to Morning Edition to learn who had taken Bob Edwards' place and I heard Steve Insky (Jewish) as host. I assume that he is permanent.

Saturday morning, NPR is hosted by Scott Simon (Jewish) (with frequent appearances by the Jewish commentator Daniel Shorr); the afternoon ATC is pegged to Robert Segal and Linda Wertheimer (both Jewish) [with occasional subs being Terry Gross (Jewish) and an occasional Gentile]; Sunday morning's show seems regularly led by a female Gentile whose name escapes me at the moment.

When traveling, I always tune in NPR for news and commentary articles if for nothing else than the high quality of the presentations and the length of the piece. NPR truly has some enormous strengths. But over the past thirty years, I have learned much from NPR and the main lesson learned is that it has all the appearances of being "National Public Jewish Radio."

Now, I make this statement as a statement of *fact* based on observation. Commonly, there are stories promoting Yiddish this and that, this and that Holocaust 'survivor' and his/her book or tale of woe, anti-German/Nazi stories and reports but NEVER a story on the Jew Karl Marx and his Judeo-Bolshevism and the genocide led by Soviet Jews against tens of millions of Christian or secular Slavs and other Gentiles from 1917 on.

My question to readers of this site is: Have I erred in my statements of fact about NPR? Have others noticed the blatant Jewish takeover of this network, supposedly belonging to THE American People, yet clearly a Jewish mouthpiece with NO LONGER disguised Jewish interests and persons as dominant?

I shall continue to listen to NPR, but I gave up financial support nearly twenty years ago when the local Rabbi in Huntsville and the Jewess producer of my midday live talk show conspired to force me off the station. They succeeded and I was out by May of 1987. C'est la vie!

Robert H. Countess, Ph.D.

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