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Pirate Radio Defeats Mainstream Media


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May 2, 2014

Pirate Radio

Defeats Mainstream Media

The Voice of Truth & Freedom speaks to the American People.


The TLC-Life-Center Team

is creating a modern-day version of

1949, Radio Free Europe, and in so doing,

we punch a huge hole in the

criminal bankers\' propaganda machine

called the mainstream media.

Our mission is to use the pirate radio format

to broadcast the truth to the people

of the United States who have been

conned, lied-to, manipulated, and mind-controlled

by the Cabal criminals who still control

the government and the mainstream media.

Our process and our program

is described in detail on the three

TLC-Life-Center websites related to this project:

1*** Speaking Truth and Freedom

to the American people on Radio Free America.


2*** Preventing The California Water Disaster

and paying for the project with Debt Free money

issued directly from the United States Treasury.


3*** How We The People can force

the U.S. government to shift the U.S. banking system

from the debt-based Federal Reserve system

to a Debt-Free, U.S. Treasury, financial system.


You are invited to be a part of the action team

and/or a part of the (no-physical-action-required)

energy support team.

Pirate Radio Defeats Mainstream Media


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