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[Alerts] TRN Going OFF-line

Turner Radio Network

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May 2, 2014

[Alerts] TRN Going OFF-line will "go dark" on May 16.   Since December of

last year, a group of us, friends and former colleagues of the site's

founder, Hal Turner, tried to take up his mantle of top notch reporting;

getting the facts and getting them first.  It is a very cumbersome task;

one that Hal Turner was very good at, but that we are not.

The web site will be absorbed by what will soon be New York City's

newest radio station, and be under completely new ownership.  None of us

who are presently handling the site will be involved.

Those of you on the ALERTS e-mail subscription list will be informed

when the new service begins.  Until then, unless something MASSIVE takes

place, we do not expect to send any further "ALERTS."

Full details at: