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How to Tell If Your Phone is Tapped

mbastudent, eHow Member

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How to Tell If Your Phone is Tapped
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It is a scary thought, a third party listening or recording your private phone conversations. Phone tapping is only legal by law enforcement and the government (If they have probable cause). Although phone tapping is a rare occurrence, it does happen. If you suspect that your phone line is tapped or if you want to prevent your phone line from being tapped, follow the simple directions below.

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Things You'll Need:

  • Phone Tap Detector
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    Tele-Data Guard
    Tele-Data Guard

    This first step will address phone tap prevention.

    You will eliminate your chances of having your privacy invaded via phone tapping , with the use of a phone tap detector. This is small electronic device that you can easily connect to your LAN line . The device will alert you by red or green light indication whether or not someone else is listening in on your phone call . You can purchase a phone tap detector online for around $10-$30 on or (See resources section below for more)

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    Avoiding illegal activities or associating with people involved in illegal activities will give law enforcement no reason to tap your phone.

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    There is a phone number you can call that will help you determine whether or not your phone is tapped.

    Call : 202-543-9994

    You will hear a long tone , listen carefully to this tone . If it is a long steady monotone then your phone is not tapped. If you hear breaks or skips in the tone , your phone may currently be tapped.

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    Things to listen for if you suspect your phone is tapped.

    Keep an ear out for strange hissing or unusual static sounds. This is usually just radio interference or bad reception; however this can sometimes be an indication of a tapped line.

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    Refer to my resources section below to read more on phone tapping .

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