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FACEBOOK- NEW INFO: It is worse than anyone realizes

Jim Stone

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because Facebook may be drawing circles of association, which are needed for a sudden communist crack down. They have all the info they need to take people out in groups. They know who thinks what, and have it permanently recorded, and they know of every place you might run to and everyone you might call during a communist takeover. Facebook goes into your phone without your explicit permission and keeps a record of every SMS you ever sent,drafted messages you never sent, of every call you ever made, how long the call was, all calls received, missed calls, to who, from who, plus in many cases all your bills, when they were paid, every contact you have, plus the ongoing history of every contact you ever had even if you deleted them, lease forms (for property) and anything else you have ever scanned even if it "never got sent over facebook" all of your email contacts, every single social event you ever went to, the birth days of all your friends, and behind your back, every conversation you are having.


Facebook stores data on every single time you log in, including from where, the device you used (smartphone or computer), the network you were on (T-Mobile), and the browser or app you used. Facebook even keeps a record of where you were, and when, and keeps a record of this multiple times every day if your phone has GPS.


Quote: "Facebook has data on where I was dating back to 2014, including multiple locations throughout specific days. Specifically, it showed where I was on Dec. 23rd, including at my previous apartment in Jersey City, New Jersey, in Times Square and in Chelsea, Manhattan, right down to the specific part of the street I was standing on."


And I would be willing to bet that Facebook has the audio of all your calls as well, but they don't want to put that in your official file. If they have everything else, what would ever stop them?


Why would Facebook be doing this?


The obvious answer: Zukerberg is likely setting up an intelligence database to assist in a future crack down, and also to destroy people who are already targeted. We are in the middle of a left/right war, and the left intends to win. Having everyone's data in secret would be the ultimate tool, especially when it even has a record of "what part of a street you were standing on" 4 years ago, plus the location you spent time at previously, plus how long it took you to get from A to B. People were afraid of the government. It looks like Facebook and others are a lot more to worry about, the enemy that owns these companies never got your vote, rigged or not.


Jim Stone