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Open Letter to the Mainstream Media Moguls

Anton Miller

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To Whom It May Concern:

In Lighted freewill, I pray and petition that the mainstream media moguls move into integrity and presentation of Truth, according to the Will and Wisdom of Creator God Aton, in respect of the Laws of the Creation.

Is there even one among you at the top of your "eye of the pyramid club" who has the courage to step into the Light of Truth? Is there even one among you who has the courage to set aside your empire building along with the intent of controlling every aspect of our lives through the mind control methods of your "media programs?". Is there even one of you that has the courage to put your skills and resources to work in helping to "upgrade" humanity in service to goodness?

The people of the Light, the people seeking Truth, are waking up big time to your self-serving methods. Hourly, this awakening moves and multiplies rapidly. Your scripted pundit presenters, the mind controlled robotic actors you sell to us as "news professionals", your radio, movie, and television programming are no longer acceptable to a society seeking Truth and putting Truth into action.

You have competition now. This competition multiplies hourly. This competition is not interested in mind controlling people, nor is it interested in corporate profits, viewer polls, what trash program can be fed next to the viewers, nor dis-information campaigns. This competition has a stringent interest in integrity of information and Truth. This competition has very real "news anchors" of conviction and conscience. These ones are the anchors of the ground swell in the independent and alternative news stream. No, they are not the fake alternative programs you sponsor for diversion while producing dis-information campaigns. These are the alternative sources motivated by integrity, honest information service, and the intent of conscience to uplift the qualities of goodness for Humanity's sake. Your competition is here. It will not go away. It will continue to grow and multiply hourly.

I petition that even one of you moguls come into the courage of choice to uplift goodness upon this planet as your true competition is doing now.

May the Light of Truth enter your hearts!

Anton Mille