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Liberal Columnist Lets Brother Write For Thanksgiving – Then He Dazes Her With Trump 2020 Prediction

Adam Casalino

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November 29, 2019


I don’t think she’ll ever let him write again after this!

The liberal media does everything it can to slam Trump—but once and a while, they can be fair.

And I mean “once” literally. It only happens once a year, in fact.

Maureen Dowd, liberal and anti-Trump columnist for the New York Times, let her brother write a Thanksgiving column.

She let him write whatever he wanted. Who knows what she thought he’d write about. Maybe he’d complain about Congress.

Or maybe, just maybe, he’d turn out to be a closet Never Trumper. He’s from New York, after all.

But Kevin Dowd came out swinging with his powerful endorsement for Trump—and his brutal rebuke of the left’s 2020 candidates.

From Fox News:

Once a year, Maureen Dowd, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist at The New York Times, allows her Republican brother Kevin Dowd to take over her column and opine about anything that he sees as a matter of importance. This year, he laid out his argument for President Trump’s second term and what he sees as a flawed Democratic field…

Kevin Dowd praised Trump over his handling of Iran and North Korea and pointed to economic gains seen during his presidency. He praised Trump for supporting law enforcement and criticized 2020 candidates…

He’s been “pleasantly surprised that he has done exactly what he promised despite a hostile press.”

Pow! Kevin praised Trump over his amazing successes in just three years in office.

He highlighted Trump’s handling of Iran and North Korea. He also reminded the Times’ readers of the economic gains achieved under Trump.

Dowd went on to criticize the way some 2020 Democratic candidates have been handling law enforcement.

Most notably Bloomberg, who had to apologize for policies he enacted as New York mayor. Policies that actually worked (but were reversed by Mayor de Blasio).

Dowd also slammed House Democrats over their ongoing impeachment push, calling it a “farce.”

He criticized them for never recovering from the 2016 Election. Yep, sounds about right.

I’m sure New York Times’ readers were scandalized to see such a glowing endorsement of the president.

From their own, far-left paper! Even liberals need a dose of reality, at least once a year.

I wonder how many of them balled up the paper in disgust, or threw their phones at the wall?

Maureen Dowd even had to admit her brother isn’t the only GOP supporter in the family. Her sister is also a big fan of Jim Jordan, whom we praise here on the regular.