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Trump's Campaign BANS Bloomberg News Reporters From Covering Events


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President Trump's campaign has officially responded to reports that presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg's news organization Bloomberg News would not investigate his Democrat primary opponents but would continue to investigate President Trump. [RELATED: Bloomberg Promises not to Investigate Opponents Except Trump]

The Trump campaign has banned Bloomberg News reporters from covering campaign events.

According to The Daily Mail:

The Trump campaign said Monday it would bar reporters from Bloomberg News from covering the president's campaign rallies after the global news outlet announced a new reporting policy for a 2020 race that includes its billionaire owner. 

The Trump camp blasted out word of the ban in a statement from campaign manager Brad Parscale while the president was en route to Britain for a NATO meeting.   

'The decision by Bloomberg News to formalize preferential reporting policies is troubling and wrong,' wrote Parscale. 

The statement followed the outlet's announcement of a policy that it would continue its practice of not investigating its owner, who previously served three terms as governor of New York City and has been in the public spotlight for years. It also said it won't probe Bloomberg's Democratic rivals – but would continue to investigate the Trump administration. 

Parscale went on to note that it is incredibly odd for news organizations to announce their bias like this.