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After CNN's Climate Town Hall Flops, Spomeone Noticed Their Commericials For Luxury Travel and Barbecue

Adam Casalino

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CNN thought we weren’t watching – but we caught them!

Oh hey! Did you watch CNN’s agonizingly long 7-hour town hall on Climate Change!?

Of course, you didn’t. Why would you put yourself through that? In the same time, you could have binged the new season of Stranger Things!

Turns out, few Americans did. CNN’s ratings were worse than Fox News and MSNBC’s regular programming.

But a few folks did watch the town hall. And what they discovered—more interesting than what the 2020 candidates had to say—were the commercials the network aired.

While the Democrats were demanding we ban meat and fancy air travel, the ads told us something else.

From Free Beacon:


CNN ran advertisements from a luxury travel company and a restaurant chain promoting meat dishes during its town hall on climate change Wednesday night.

At the town hall, candidates proposed transitioning to electric vehicles to limit emissions from travel and limiting meat consumption.

LOL – wow! As CNN propped up candidates who told us not to fly on planes or eat red meat, the network cashed in on ads for luxury travel services and a meat chain.

Um… really?

We shouldn’t be surprised. Politicians often say one thing and do another. All the major celebrities who tell us to embrace radical policies to combat climate change all fly on expensive private jets (including Mayor Pete).

In fact, the Obamas just bought a mansion right by the water. Hey, if ocean levels are rising, then why do they want to live by the ocean?

You’d think they would have bought a house in Colorado!

But even CNN can’t keep their narrative straight. Why are they endorsing a ban on air travel and red meat, while talking the money of companies to advertise luxury travel and restaurants promoting meat?

Perhaps CNN’s viewer base is limited to the liberal elite. You see, they expect us to live at a lower standard of quality than themselves.

While they force us to give up hamburgers and trips overseas, they continue to jet around in planes and scarf down whatever they want.

CNN is practically admitting it, with those ads.