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WATCH CNN Gets Embarrassed At Trump Rally


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WATCH CNN Gets Embarrassed At Trump Rally

At a South Carolina rally  Monday, CNN found itself the victim of some incredible trolling. On live tv, a sign was spotted behind Jim Acosta stating "CNN SUCKS".

Crowd chants for CNN's Jim Acosta to "Go home!" as man holds "CNN Sucks" sign ahead of Trump/McMaster rally in South Carolina.

According to Town Hall:

CNN’s Jim Acosta covered a spirited Trump rally in South Carolina Monday, with the president’s supporters heckling him while he was reporting live, shouting “Go home, Jim!” and holding signs that read “CNN Sucks.”

One woman, identified as Maria Rojas, also berated Acosta while he was in the press pen, telling him he doesn’t respect America. He insisted he did.

She also wanted him to be taken out of the building, but Acosta explained he had “every right to be” there.

“While we have had some people come up to us and be very nice this evening, I did have an elderly woman come up to me ... and said that 

we at CNN should get the 'f' out of this auditorium,” Acosta later said on CNN.