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USA Today shocker: Paper seeks to justify pedophilia, calls it merely “inappropriate” and “among the most misunderstood” conditions in U.S.

JD Heyes

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Just when you thought that the sickos in the mainstream media could not do more to debase our culture and tear down our society, here comes USA Today with a piece legitimizing pedophilia because people who engage in sex acts with children are just…”misunderstood.”

“Pedophilia is viewed as among the most horrifying social ills. But scientists who study the sexual disorder say it is also among the most misunderstood,” the article, by Alia E. Dastagir, begins. “Researchers who study pedophilia say the term describes an attraction, not an action, and using it interchangeably with ‘abuse’ fuels misperceptions” about pedophiles.

One of the experts quoted for the ‘story’ compared pedophilia to any other unguarded sexual impulse that society disapproves of. For instance, psychologist Anna Salter said she begins her sessions with this question: “How many of you have ever had an inappropriate sexual thought?”

But of course, it’s not necessarily about having “inappropriate” sexual thoughts; the danger and the injury to society come when persons go from having thoughts to acting on them.

The piece goes on to favorably quote Allyn Walker, a former Old Dominion University professor, who has promoted the concept of “destigmatizing pedophilia” in a way that leftists always do, by changing our language. He believes pedophiles should be called “minor-attracted persons,” which is beyond insane.

Walker, who is a transgender using the pronouns “they/them” (itself beyond the brink of insanity), claims that the “stigma” against being sexually attracted to minors “can actually lead to harm against children,” which is nonsensical and sounds more like he/she is searching for an excuse to sexually molest kids.

USA Today, one of the most widely read outlets in the country, also began a lengthy Twitter thread, since deleted, with this statement: “We think we know what a pedophile is. There’s a lot we’re misunderstanding.”

USA Today has deleted its entire pedophile apologia thread but don’t let them memory hole this

“When most of the public thinks of pedophilia, they assume it’s synonymous with child sexual abuse. A pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children, but not all pedophiles abuse kids, and some people who sexually abuse kids are not pedophiles,” the paper told its readers via Twitter before deleting the thread, adding:

“A previous thread did not include all information and the story it was written about is behind a paywall. We made the decision to delete the thread. The initial thread lacked the context that was within the story and we made the decision the pull down the entire thread.”