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Jiom Stone

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Dorian: They lied going into this, they lied during this and they will continue to lie and tell the story


by Jim Stone

September 6th 2019

I found the most clear and significant Dorian destruction picture by far today:

It is of a location called "Marsh Harbor" and Dorian did wipe it out badly. However, obviously with a name like "marsh harbor" we are talking about a low lying area that I said all along would be wiped out by storm surge. Here is where all those houses ended up. These are wave washed houses, washed into a pile with quite a few broken by waves and not ripped to shreds by winds. If it was a cat 5, there should not be whole houses mixed in.

If people don't think about what they are looking at with this, it will be convincing. And I am actually surprised this picture was possible. What does it show? Temporary beach houses plopped down haphazardly like ice fishing shacks that are not normally occupied that got washed away by storm surge. Look at the first linked picture closely - there are very few cars in the "before" half of the picture, which means these were not likely to have been homes that were actually used for living. The Bahama's GDP per capita of $26, 900 ensures everyone has a car. Cars would get stuck in the sand there constantly. And the "houses" are plopped down in nonsensical ways you see out on the lake in the winter. They are obviously not legit homes. Look in the destruction picture - all the permanent structures that would have been destroyed by a real cat 5 are lined up on proper streets and are still there including one large building that has an all fabric roof, still perfectly intact. These "houses" that were destroyed were built right on the sand and were obviously not well made. This is typical of the storm surge damage I said would happen, but there is no significant wind damage outside the storm surge zone, with wind damage consisting of lost roofs and in extreme cases on very few homes, some walls knocked down. That's cat 1.

The new story line:

"Everything is destroyed and people are shooting each other for supplies"


They lied going into this, they lied during this and they will continue to lie and tell the story. After all, what other reality could there possibly be if the story they first spewed was true? FACT: Dorian knocked out 47 percent of the power in the Bahamas, which is already half restored on a continuous ongoing basis for an average "power on" of a little over 75 percent, with periods of restoration hitting 83 percent. What's more damning? The power in the Bahamas is not stable, they often lose 10 percent of it which means when it hit 83 percent today, it got to within 7 percent of what is often considered normal. This puts today's peak level of power restoration to within 7 percent of what is normal or expected in the Bahamas. I have it all documented, it is all proven, just wait until a little more time passes (and I take the site out of "combat mode") for the proof to be posted.

HEY EVERYONE, TODAY THE BAHAMAS HAD POWER RESTORED TO WITHIN 7 PERCENT OF WHAT IS OFTEN NORMAL. Sorry, but that does not compute out to "people killing each other for supplies and everything destroyed" hell, that does not even add up to a cat 1. A category one should have knocked the power out worse! It had to have been a WEAK cat 1, or it had to have had the worst winds miss the most populated areas entirely.

Yes, and for the U.S. all they could do is park a Jeep on the beach for a little bit of inevitable drama because nothing got wrecked in the U.S. by "the worst storm in history"

Obviously there's one hell of a mess in the Bahamas after some scum sucking leftists with "haarp" toys parked a cat 1 there for damn near two days. I am actually quite surprised things are in relatively good shape despite them doing that. I figured so much time with significant winds would wreck it a lot worse, I did not think there would be anything left at all in the storm surge zone, but anything intended to be permanent is obviously still there.


I am surprised at what caused the most troll uproar in my Dorian posts . . . . .

What caused the most uproar? My pointing out that in a 90+ percent black country, everyone featured in the MSM was white, which proves they were brought in for the show. Obviously that said, the knew Dorian was going to be too weak to get locals to go with the script so they imported actors they knew would not be put in harms way. It's damn well proven by probability alone that's exactly what they did. And by the way, I NEVER take what I post here and put it elsewhere. Sometimes I'll take what I posted to a random forum and put it here but NEVER the other way around, if you see what is on this site posted elsewhere it was not me and this is actually important because:

The way the trolls have gotten this site banned in so many places is to say I am a serial spammer. That goes for the mails too, they claim I am a serial spammer when I have never sent out bulk mailings AT ALL. Anyone who reads this site ought to know that. Other people post what is here and I encourage that. It ends up EVERYWHERE. Last month this site got 750, 000 unique visits, and ended up on top of that getting what is read here by millions of people via re-posting on other sites. You can't see that on Alexa because this site's security methods prevent Alexa from seeing it in a way it can be rated. I think Google knows what is going on but they are not going to say it.


If anyone trolling this site actually thinks it gets "put everywhere" because "I do it" they are sorely mistaken, I don't have time to do that, and I don't need to.



And my guess is that my saying it was fake and harrped up overall, being far weaker than stated - my guess as to why THAT did not generate as much troll outrage against this site directly is because LOTS of other people noticed it too. No one noticed the news was hoaxed with actors because they did not know what the demographics of the Bahamas were. I knew those demographics, knew the news had to be B.S. by who showed up on it, and only linked and posted the demographics to prove it.

I read on one of the forums that it is stupid for ANYONE to deny weather mod tech when the operators of HAARP themselves, decades ago, told everyone it was for atmospheric heating. How stupid do they think we are if they, after a statement like that, say we are "conspiracy nuts" when atmospheric heating and temperature differential is what drives the weather?


Ahh yes, "White privilege" is what got all those SJW news outlets to feature ONLY WHITES in an almost ALL BLACK nation. White privilege. THAT'S IT!!!

Jim Stone