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A military campaign tried to stop us. We won.

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We owe the Vetted Facts about the

New Orleans Flood to the Survivors

When I founded in 2005 with the goal of promoting the facts about the New Orleans flood, I was immediately targeted by a military campaign aiming to discredit me.

I am featured in this newly released report on the military's methods that use social media as a weapon.

Please watch it and share.

Right after starting, I was hammered with ugly comments from dozens of different online critics with a consistent message: "Rosenthal is a liar. New Orleans was flooded due a monster storm and lazy local officials."

The senior members of and I understood that this was an organized attack by the Army Corps of Engineers, and I eventually proved the attacks came from corps computers.

But in December of 2008, when I exposed the scandal, the technique was not yet well-known. was one of the first victims of the technique, a squadron of foot soldiers employed by the military to wage warfare on social media against grassroots groups.

How I caught the Army Corps of Engineers red-handed in its heinous campaign starts in the video at 8:05.

The federal government spends millions trying to stop true grassroots groups like It is remarkable that we prevailed. As a supporter, you ought to be super proud.

Please view this video and share it with your family and friends.

Thank you for your support of

Sandy Rosenthal

Founder of