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NOTE:FROM ANNE AND PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: We have someone close to us who is available to help with your computer problems.  We refer him with honor to you as someone we know and trust, who is honest and will not over-charge his services.  He is also an excellent web designer.   Contact him today for details! His address is:



Why should you choose me to clean your viruses and repair and optimize your computer when there are so many others out there doing the same job?


Experienced and Professional: With over 25 years of experience with computers, computer repair, and virus removal, I remove the infections and fix the stuff other techs don't know about, give up on or just simply, leave behind.


Remote login: No need to unhook and haul your computer somewhere and wait days or weeks for it to be cleaned and then worry about where all those wires go to hook it back up. A simple easy and secure software install gets the job started, right from the comfort of your own home or office. Once logged in, I can clean and repair your computer just as if I was sitting in front of it, even if you are international.  No matter which continent you live on, I can remote in through the internet to fix your computer.


Professional, proprietary and extensive cleaning and optimization process: A comprehensive collection of over two dozen scanners, cleaners, repairers, and optimizers (with some of them only available to tech engineers) are deployed on your system to hunt for and clean away viruses, trojans, spyware, malware and much, much more, to restore your system back to optimal function. I clean away and repair the entire gamut of affected areas, not just a few areas like other services. In the past, if your computer was "cleaned" in only a few short hours, it really was a brush over job with just a few quick and easy things done to maybe remove the obvious threats. My proprietary process takes (on average) between 24 and 48 hours to root-out and clean the deep problems. I then go in and actually fix and repair any damage done. Then once it is repaired, I install new, commercial and highly effective protection software.


Requires little of your time: I work with your schedule and require little of your time. Just a simple initial consultation and software install is needed. After that, you can go about your business while your computer is being professionally cleaned.


Trustworthy, secure, honest, efficient and truthful: Your personal data is safe, I don't snoop in your files. I use secure remote control software that is password protected to access your computer. Only you and I know the password. I tell it like it is and give you honest feedback about the condition of your computer and what I find.


Raving Testimonials: I have many customers that have applauded and raved over the quality of work I have done. They didn't realize how bad their computer really was infected. Many only trust me to work on their computer now as others in the past didn't do the quality job as I did and didn't realize how much stuff was left behind by the "other guys" that worked on their computer.


A real American, not a random foreign person who speaks with a heavy accent that you can't understand like you would get when calling into big brand name computer companies.


I can repair many other problems, not just viruses. Do you have:

   * Printing problems?

   * Network and internet connection problems?

   * Email problems?

   * Hard drive problems?

   * Data backup problems?

   * Forgot your Windows password?

   * Or other computer problems?


You name it, I can fix it, no matter where you live in the world.


If your computer is not working right in any way or if you choose to do (and I personally recommend) preventative maintenance, contact me today! No matter the problem, I can fix it.


I also have volume discounts if you have multiple computers in your home or office environments that need help.

  High quality service from an experienced professional.  If you want your viruses GONE and your computer FIXED, contact me today! 


Please email him your name, phone number, type of computer problem and the best time to consult with you to help you fix your problems.  His address is:


In Love and Light,