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Obama's FCC Moves to Control the Internet

Grassfire Nation Update

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      President Obama is using the FCC to seize control and

      regulate the Internet. If successful, the move could

      have a devastating impact on the U.S. economy,

      investments and innovation while squelching your

      freedom of speech!

Click here now to oppose FCC regulation of the Internet:

Tea Party success is the motivating force behind an  aggressive liberal push to take over the Internet and  regulate the unfettered access to news and information!

Without the votes in Congress to push such legislation, liberals are relying on the Federal Communications  Commission to seize control of the Internet through  what is called "Net Neutrality" -- a series of rules that would empower the federal government to regulate the Internet in the name of "freedom".

Just a year ago, the Huffington Post's Joseph A. Palermo  called on Obama to use the FCC to "lock in this advantage."

       The advantage that he was referring to was the

       fact that progressive news and information sites

       such as the Huffington Post and had

       played a key role in shifting communications

       technology away from the Right and toward as he

       writes, "progressive social change."

       He continued: "With Democratic majorities in

       congress and a liberal Democratic administration

       we can blunt the political influence of media

       conglomerates and the Right... We have a very rare

       opportunity right now to lock in a progressive

       advantage in Internet communications, information

       sharing, and Netroots mobilizing."

This was the liberal plan then. Now having lost power in the House, they are more desperate then ever to advance  their progressive, socialist agenda, and are willing to  use whatever means necessary...

Unless we can stop them.

       Days before the FCC's December 20

       introduction of the new Net Neutrality rules,

       Grassfire Nation will deliver your petitions to

       each of the five FCC commissioners including chairman,

       and Obama appointee, Julius Genachowski.

Not surprisingly, little has been reported about the true  nature of Net Neutrality. When the chairman announced to  the media his draft rules memo, he did so saying, it would "preserve the freedom and openness of the Internet."

The draft also included an official FCC "NONPUBLIC, internal use only" stamp to assure that no one outside the FCC sees the document until the rules are approved on December 21...

So much for freedom and openness!

This is why we cannot delay. We can't allow Obama and the FCC to surprise Americans with this "present".  

But how many petitions we deliver depends solely on you!

Are you ready to have your Internet usage regulated and your free speech rights undermined by the federal government?  That's precisely what will happen unless Americans mount  a sensational nationwide resistance against the FCC's Net Neutrality rules.

Take a moment to add your name to our petition opposing  the federal takeover of the Internet by clicking below:

After signing, it is imperative that you alert your friends and family to take action with you. Urge them to follow your lead by clicking on the link below and standing against  this latest move to silence conservatives:

You hold the keys to the kind of grassroots response Grassfire Nation delivers to the FCC, and we  are counting on you to take the extra effort required  to make sure our delivery is nothing short of stunning!

We cannot allow these kinds of assaults on our freedoms to go unchecked. Please take immediate action today.

Thank you for standing with Grassfire Nation.


P.S. Again, after signing our petition, forward this message to 30-40 friends alerting them to the FCC's plan to seize control of the Internet. Urge them to add their name to our petition by clicking here now:

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