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There Are Three Principal Bigotries The Mainstream Media Keeps Alive And Keeps Expanding!

J. Speer-Williams

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Oct. 14, 2014

The mainstream media is far from being an institution that disseminates truthful and important information; it specializes in lies while ignoring vital news.

The major corporate media is a covert collaboration that is regularly used to promote the predatory agenda of the ruling foreign oligarchs, of the insidious International Banking/Monetary Cartel through their intel agents in the US secret services.

One of the Monetary Cartel’s principal media schemes is to stealthily agitate for the return of outdated and worn bigotries against the Jews, Blacks, and homosexuals, while campaigning for forced racial and sexual tolerance and diversity.

Whenever there is no current “evidence” or occurrences of these bigotries, intel agents, from the underbelly of the US secret government, will create some for the Cartel’s media to report to the largely unenlightened, unsuspecting American public ­ all followed by crusades for the passage of “hate crimes” legislation.