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Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming

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No surprise here. For decades, Jews have been forecasting these horrific, dystopian futures in their movies. The blurring of virtual reality and physical reality is graphically depicted in the movie The Matrix, where the only perceived reality is a virtual one provided by the machines. Star Trek’s “Borg” are half human, half machine enslaved within a society where electronic, biomechanical, intelligence produces mindless drones to carry out the will of the amorphous, biomechanical intelligence controlling the society. Terminator, the autonomous killing machine that relentlessly pursues its prey to the point of its own destruction.


Just these few examples leads one to think Jews are trying to tell us something. The question never addressed is who will be controlling the artificial intelligence? We are led to believe that the danger of these systems lies in the potential autonomy of the system, but one can bet their last shekel, Jews will never allow that to happen as long as they remain the economic force controlling the technology.


I have been telling people for years, if one wants a glimpse of where their future is headed, simply watch the Jews’ Hollywood horror movies. These are never happy, uplifting stories, but grim portrayals of nightmare worlds sunk in moral turpitude; we are to believe morality is never a factor when people desperately strive to save their humanity. Not one movie of this genre differs in its message of fear and horror. Those monsters of fear and horror we know as “Jews,” and the mentally enslaved people they have driving these technologies, must be fully eliminated if mankind is to survive as what is presently known as the “human organism.”  





 Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming - Watch Here:

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