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Battle for the World

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BATTLE FOR WORLD/ TRUNEWS| March 31, 2019: In another informative presentation from the TruNews crew on Youtube, the subject is about the Zionist movement. The TruNews crew – host Rick Wiles and co-hosts, with their press credentials went to AIPAC’s three-day convention to hear the latest regarding the mission of Israel and its supporters.

The crew speaks of shocking revelations, some of which have left them in disbelief regarding how the United States government and military is helping a foreign country ascend to global dominance and after, the foreign country is planning to use its accomplishments in technology power over the people of the world. All being done in plain sight in America and other countries without the people ever suspecting that is truly going on and about a terrifying future that involves them and their offspring.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, “enhanced”, the free PDF book: Download and read abouttheir thirst for power regarding world Jewry, the bloodthirsty Jewry, were able to increase in size, as they are in America., page 1258. Asket said, “…in the following two decades will change into hostility against Zionism”, pages 249 and 465. Zionists were deliberately fulfilling bible scriptures toward their world domination plans, page 477. Merkel-Regime 01: Zionist With Israeli-Passport Destroys Germany, page 529. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

Rick Wiles: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is the most powerful political lobby in the U.S.A, in my opinion. Its clout follows or surpasses the National Rifle Association. AIPAC and the NRA are both political lobbying organizations. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s the right of Americans to lobby their government representatives on issues that are important to citizens.

Now, what distinguishes AIPAC from the NRA is this:

The NRA represents American citizens who seek to protect their constitutional second amendment rights to keep and bear arms. It is an American organization that lobbies for the benefit American citizens.

AIPAC is totally different. AIPAC exists for one reason, to lobby US government officials on behalf of a foreign government. AIPAC demands that billions of US taxpayers’ dollars be given to a foreign government each year. AIPAC lobbies for war against a foreign government’s enemies. AIPAC demands legislation to prohibit Americans from criticizing the policies and actions of a foreign government. Plain and simple, AIPAC is a powerful domestic lobby for a foreign government.

No other group or cause in America can unite democrats and Republicans like AIPAC.

Rick Wiles: …They did a marvelous job presenting their case. And bringing in high-profile Washington [DC] officials. …Comparing NRA and AIPAC: The left likes to talk about the NRA as too powerful. But the NRA is lobbying for Americans.    

Co-hosts:It’s a constitutional amendment, the second amendment, the right to bear arms.

Rick Wiles: AIPAC is not lobbying for Americans.

Co-hosts:There’s no amendment saying that you have the right…to donate to Israel or protect Israel or promote Israeli interest or attack their enemies.

Rick Wiles: AIPAC exists to lobby in America on behalf of a foreign government.

Co-hosts:Not on a particular right or internal issue in the United States at all. …They [AIPAC] have great confidence now. They know that they’ve got a window of opportunity…to push their agenda through. With the Trump administration on their side right now in full, they can go full throttle at this point and you felt that confidence. …They were unashamed in what they believe and what they are trying to promote. …With the partnership of the Trump administration they are saying…we must go now and accomplish these things.    

Rick Wiles: Some of the things that stood out to me, for a cause, Zionism, which here in America, the Christian Zionists rally behind Israel saying it is because God gave the land to the Jews. That’s the reason we’re backing them. …It is a political conference. Politicians in American…left and right, Republicans, Democrats, than Israel. You could not get them together…

Think about it, we saw: Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Bob Menendez, Mike Pompeo, etc. all come together with the same talking points, imagine they coming together to stop abortion, to stop pornography, to defend traditional family values, etc. it’s not going to happen.

Co-hosts:Those are divisive issues.

Rick Wiles: They are divisive and not priority. But Israel unites them and it’s a top priority.

…And the other thing that stood out that I will not forget, was Monday late afternoon when the six members of the House [the freshman Congress], Republicans and Democrats including congressman [Dan] Crenshaw: They brought them out on the stage, line them up, and each congressman and congresswoman read his or her lines. These were not authentic comments. They were reading cue cards – they were reading a teleprompter. Members of the House of Representatives read what was written for them.

Co-hosts:It was like a Broadway Show, one after the other, they were reading from the teleprompters in unison…like a Broadway Show.

Rick Wiles: It was shameful. …That somebody elected to the House of Representatives would stand on stage and read what somebody wrote for them and told them to say, that was shameful. … 

Key themes at AIPAC 2019:

Rick Wiles: 1. There was a lot said about people – critics of Zionists who criticize dual citizenship. Americans having a US passport and an Israeli passport. Having citizenship in two countries and there were a number of speakers who angrily and viciously lashed out at people who say there’s something suspicious about it, there’s something that’s not right about this. You had members of the US Congress; people inside government agencies who are citizens of two countries and you have to question which country are they representing when they are making laws or enacting policy.

Co-hosts:…[At AIPAC they try to make the point that] if you are critical of dual loyalty [citizenship] then you are also antisemitic as well. …I don’t think that any official at the federal level should be a citizen of any other country but the United States of America. I don’t care if it’s the United Kingdom, etc. Imagine if George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson…when they were serving in office they said, oh by the way I also have citizenship in the Crown [British] under King George. I mean, can you imagine the outcry of the colonists? We fought a war of independence, but instead now we have a declaration of co-dependence.

Rick Wiles: Yes, because you would have to swear allegiance to the King [George]. …In fact, many of the founding fathers, the revolutionaries were Anglicans. They were members of the Anglican Church and so they establish the Protestant Episcopal Church of America.

Co-hosts:They weren’t just breaking away from the Crown, they were breaking away from the English church too.

Rick Wiles: They remain in communion with the Anglican Church, but here’s why they had to do it: Because the Church of England required a pledge loyalty to the monarch of England.

Co-hosts:And the monarch is the head of the church.

Rick Wiles: The Americans want to remain Anglican, so they started the American Episcopal Protestant Church so they did not have to swear allegiance to the King of England. So there is a long history of questioning dual-loyalty [citizenship]. Could we asked whether the Rosenberg’s [Julius and Ethel] had dual-loyalty in the 1950s?

Co-hosts:They did have loyalty. …

Rick Wiles: And what happened to them? They were executed for being spies, but they were American citizens. They stole American atomic secrets.

Co-hosts:…The hardest thing about this dual-loyalty debate, is that the Democrats just waged this debate over the last two years. But it’s with, if you had any affiliation to Russia. Now think about this, Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, three or four times I’ve heard him make the argument because President Trump potentially had help or was in coordination with the same message as RT [Russia Today] or Russian bots we don’t know…that President Trump had a dual-loyalty – was a stooge potentially of President Putin. Now we know that’s ridiculous…based on the Mueller report. The fact that the same officials would turn around and come to AIPAC and refute that very argument. Claiming that they can advocate on the interest of another country, but still be an American, be a patriot. 

Rick Wiles: So if we question Senator Schumer that possibly he could have loyalty to a foreign government, that becomes racist. But Charles [Chuck] Schumer could question President Trump on a hoax and accuse him of being loyal to Russia. That’s politics.  …These are US officials with dual-citizenship. Who does [US Ambassador] David Friedman represent?

Co-hosts:Officially he represents America.

Rick Wiles: Which country does he represent?

Co-hosts:Israel. Think about this: David Friedman was one of the three officials who played a key role in negotiating, not the US-Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, [but] the Israeli Palestinian peace deal. What were the US officials doing at the center of that negotiation?

Rick Wiles: There was no negotiation. The Palestinians were never consulted. King Abdullah has never been consulted. …So David Friedman the US Ambassador to Israel, Jason Greenblatt…and the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, all three Zionists, wrote a peace plan for President Trump and never talked to the Palestinian leaders, never talked to King Abdullah of Jordon where millions of Palestinian refugees are living and yet they are going to say here’s our plan, we negotiated a plan; there was no negotiation. It was done solely for the benefit of Israel. So are we justified in questioning the loyalty of people who are advocating the policies for Israel?

Co-hosts:…We are supposed to promote America’s interest. Isn’t that what President Trump ran on?

Rick Wiles: America first.

Co-hosts:Right. Not America second after Israel.

Rick Wiles: So it’s really Israel first and America second. That’s really what we have. But think about this: No other country has a political movement in America on its behalf.

Co-hosts:…Even further, the taxpayers; look at the money that goes into our businesses, the money that you pay yearly. It’s not just advocating of foreign policies, our money is being used to buy weaponry, to finance deals and the deployment of troops. Solders are dying based off this foreign policy. 

Rick Wiles: …Could you imagine if [US] senators and congressmen had passports in China or Russia. Can you imagine the outcry that you would see every day? That senators were holding dual-citizenship. …

The other theme at AIPAC was the criticism of Zionism, the political movement of Zionism. Any criticism of Zionism is automatically racist. You are antisemitic.

Now, what is antisemitic? It means you are bigoted against the Semitic people of the Middle-East. But the Palestinians are Semitic… The Jews who moved into Palestine, 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. are Europeans; they are not Semitic.

What we heard and saw [at AIPAC], and we saw it from the highest officials, that criticism of the political movement of Zionism is automatically racist talk. …AIPAC National Committee member Arthur Stark, and he said: We are not going to be intimidated by antisemitism.

Rick Wiles: Could what he’s really talking about is criticism of the Global Zionist Movement? Israel is an oasis of democracy and human rights as long as you’re not a Palestinian. Because if you are a Palestinian you have no rights. You are going to be in a concent… well, a refugee camp. That’s one step above concentration camp. You are not going to have any rights; you don’t have any future.

Co-hosts:And Mr. Stark said that Israel and America share the same values. What are those values Rick?

Rick Wiles: …Godlessness, Antichrist, etc. those are values. We heard that a lot, shared values, America and Israel [at AIPAC].  Months ago I was criticized by Christian Zionists when I said on TruNews that America is no longer a Christian Nation. We are now a Zionist Nation, because we now have Jewish values, not Christian values. …

America has become very militaristic since 911, [year] 2001.

[The criticism of Zionism], this is going to become law in the United States of America – through federal law, state laws and federal and state regulations. They are going to outlaw, they are going to criminalize criticism of Zionism. Zionism is a [political] movement… It started in the 1800s with Theodor Herzl and The World Zionist Congress. It is a political movement, it is not religious. …

[US] Secretary Pompeo is sayings that the Trump administration is now on record saying if you criticize Zionism we see you as a racist bigot.

Co-hosts:…This could potentially lead to sanctions on US citizens. … Secretary Pompeo said everyone that opposed to Zionism is opposed to the state of Israel. That is not what Zionism is about. What do they seek?

Rick Wiles: Global domination.

Co-hosts:They say that in their own founding document! That this is a worldwide movement. A global movement. That’s what we’re opposed to.

Rick Wiles: It’s chilling because we are in an age of censorship. We are in an age of attack on free speech. I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime where the right to speak your mind is under attack. And you could be hurt financially, politically, culturally and many ways if you express the wrong views. That’s un-American.

And the Zionist pressure in Washington [DC] to ban criticism of Israel and the Zionist movement is un-American…because they represent a foreign country. Who is telling the American political establishment you have to ban criticism of our movement. …If you can ban criticism of a foreign country, what’s next?

We have the US State Department policy of antisemitism: Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel…; making allegations about…the power of Jews…the myth about world conspiracy; using symbol associated with antisemitism…

My guess is that the American Family Association is probably very pro-Zionist and would actually support criminalizing any boycott of Israel. I am assuming that. If they are not, I will correct that.

Most of the Evangelical organizations today are totally Zionists. So what we are talking about now is a movement in congress and state legislator to ban, criminalize any boycott of Israeli companies or American companies…that’s doing business in the West Bank and Gaza at the expense of the Palestinian people. …[At AIPAC] we did not hear from one politician in three days say to the Jews you should shop persecuting the Palestinians. They don’t even think they are humans.

Co-hosts:I would like to point out to Senator [Jim] Risch that a BDS movement is pure American. In fact our whole nation started out; the first act of BDS was in Boston harbor at a tea party with a bunch of terrorists that threw tea off a boat. That was a BDS action there.

Rick Wiles: That’s right and England tried to ban it.

Co-hosts:That’s why coffee became so popular in America…was because of that.

Rick Wiles: But England tried to band our boycott and protests. And they send troops and they roughed up the people; they shot people. Just think about that. This is what happen when you try to band free speech. … 

Let’s talk about the bill that several of those senator mentioned. Senate bill 1: The very first bill introduced in this Congress.

Co-hosts:[The bill was] not on abortion, pornography…but on…

Rick Wiles: Israel. And it was introduced by Republican Senator Marco Rubio. He rushed to get this bill introduced. He wanted to be the first legislator to get a bill in the senate for 2019. Edward, what are some of the shocking components of senate bill 1?

Co-hosts:It will be the first time at a federal level, that state level, that anti-BDS legislation has an effect. At a federal level [you] can’t get any contract if you are engaged in BSD activity. …Individuals could face sanctions from the federal government…

Rick Wiles: Could students be denied college tuition?

Co-hosts:Yes. But also acceptance to a college.

Rick Wiles: Would you be denied employment in a US employment agency?

Co-hosts:Absolutely. In addition, another aspect…laid out by Senator Mitch McConnell – the bill also has a militaristic aspect. S1 [Senate bill 1] also has a declaration against moving troops from Afghanistan and Syria. [Many] don’t know that; that’s in the bill. 

Rick Wiles: So Senate bill 1 written by Marco Rubio, it requires President Trump to keep American troops in Syria and Afghanistan.

Co-hosts:That’s correct. It’s a proclamation with an intent to pressure.

Rick Wiles: Who want troops in those countries?

Co-hosts:That would be the country that is in the Middle East.

Rick Wiles: Israel. …So once again we have US lawmakers writing legislation for the benefit of a foreign country. But if I criticize it I am a racist. Right?

Co-hosts:That’s right. You got it.

Rick Wiles: This is a federal law. It has already passed the Senate. Overwhelming support by Democrats and Republicans in the Senate. Now it’s before the House – Nancy Pelosi is being pressured to call a vote on Senate bill 1.

Co-hosts:The crazy thing is. If Republicans had won the House. It still would have passed.

Rick Wiles: It does not matter if the Democrats are in control or the Republicans. Israel still gets what it wants.

Probably the most shocking statement of all three days, was made by the Israeli ambassador to the United States.

Co-hosts:Yes, Ron Dermer. When I heard this beside Secretary Pompeo, this put chills down my spine, because it is something you could really see happen. What the ambassador threatened, he said he was serious about this. If in the future if Israel succeeds in building, to become a cyber-technology superpower, they may…stop other countries from getting access to their advanced technology. There go sending these countries into a Dark Age. …

Rick Wiles: This is why we [at TruNews] go to the technology conferences to show you that Zionism truly is meant for global domination, and they will dominate the world through the control of technology. So here’s the Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer threatening to deny technology to anybody who opposes Israel and Zionism.

AIPAC, one of the hosts (female): And they say that that is the best answer for BDS, for Israel to continue to come up with breakthroughs that the rest of the world simply cannot live without.  Dermer: I think you are right. Those are countries and those organizations should be worried about Israel boycotting them. I am serious. (Audience applauded statement.) I am serious. If Israel starts boycotting people there will be no cellphones, any of these automatous vehicles; go to your medicine cabinet take out half of the drugs that are in there… Israel is a tremendous force for innovation and for medicine and for science and for technology. The BDS movement is not a threat to Israel’s economy… It is an antisemitic attack against Israel and we have to fight it…     

Rick Wiles: [Some events at AIPAC the press weren’t allowed. That all comments at these venues were off the record.]

Co-hosts:The United States gives Israel $100 million dollars a year…out of the US military budget, on how to build tunnels underground.  Help Israel develop tunnel technology…

[At another venue] the question was asked of the panel: Do you see a day where Israel would boycott the United States?

Rick Wiles: What was the reaction?

Co-hosts:Normally it would be a very talkative room…it got as quiet as a church mouse. I mean it was quiet. …There was some light chuckles…and then the assurance from AIPAC board members that, that would never happen. We are partners…pinky-swear buddies and everything… But he asked a very good question didn’t he?  If the US does not toe the line of the demands of Israel as it grows and develops into a cyber-superpower will they have the ability to boycott the United States Rick?  

Rick Wiles: And cut off technology we [the United States] paid for.

Co-hosts:That’s right. And it directly relates to what Ron Dermer just said. The answer is? YES. So will they [Israel] be able to hold us [the United States] hostage with the technology that we [the United States] helped them develop.

Rick Wiles: Their [Israel/Zionists] greatest power over the world will be Artificial Intelligence. You just think about Kabbalah-wizards and Israeli technocrats coming together…

Co-hosts:And if the United States does not toe the line. They will end up with the same place of the USS Liberty [navy ship].

Rick Wiles: But it will first start with individuals, because they will know what you are thinking, know what you are saying – in your home.

Co-hosts:Here’s what is scary, they will be able to control US policy with Artificial Intelligence.

Rick Wiles: That’s right. There will be no more need for congressman and senators at that point. [Israel space program.] The current head of NASA is a Zionist appointed by President Trump. His name is Jim Bridenstine, former congressman from Oklahoma. He’s speaking at AIPAC as a card carrying member of a Zionist organization and he’s running the NASA space agency and talking about this tight relationship between NASA and the Israeli space agency. That to me sounds like a transfer of technology.

ENDBattle for the World