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Shariah judge: Jews dance 'on the body parts of others'


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An Islamic judge for the Palestinian Authority declared on the government-run television channel that Jews “dance and live on the body parts of others” and are behind “global corruption,” reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

“There is no global corruption that they are not behind,” said Judge Muhannad Abu Rumi.

Another official, Imad Hamato, recently said, “If a fish in the sea fights with another fish, I am sure the Jews are behind it.”

Palestinian Media Watch said Rumi’s comments were triggered by the dispute over Khan Al-Ahmar, a region where Palestinian Bedouins have been erecting dwellings illegally.

Israeli authorities have ordered their removal, offering other sites, and the dispute is before the Israeli Supreme Court.

Abu Rumi said Khan Al-Ahmar is “holy land.”

“We know its value, and not [Jews], the foreigners, the fabricators of history, who dance and live on the body parts of others, and on the blood of others. Read their history: There is no global corruption that they are not behind. There is no global corruption that their rabbis did not allow. … People could be deluded or think. … that we have no way out with the Jews. … The liberation of this land is a matter of faith, which will happen despite everyone.”

The judge said “the Jews leaving this land is a divine decree.”

“The war is not only over this strip of land, as you all know the Jews want everything and not just a part [of it],” he said. “They want to subjugate us, and that we be slaves to their command. … There have always been two camps in history: the camp of truth and the camp of falsehood. The people of falsehood see themselves as those who rule over everything. … Among the Jews we find nothing but corruption and depravity.”

For the rest of this report, and more, please go to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.


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