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Qanon - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Trying to DESTROY YOU and Lower Age of Consent to 12 !!!

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[Ron: Never mind Bill Smith's passionate and rude language; he's telling you some truth about the Jewess, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of many Jews who have sullied the US Supreme Court with their Talmudic ideology. Apparently Ginsberg exposed her amoral, anti-social opinions IN PLAIN SIGHT, in a book in 1977 and subsequently a US President and Congress placed her on the US Supreme Court where she and other Talmudists have saddled USans with having to not only accept, BUT CELEBRATE, homosexual practices, same sex marriages, transgenderism, Political Correctness and other Libtard Communist shit. DO YOU CARE, or do you prefer to sleep through the Judaic takeover of US and global society? In any event, if you are Amerikkan, ask yourself: 'WHY are sooo many Jews on the US Supreme Court and in other influencial government positions? Jews constitute about 1.8 percent of the US population, WHY do other Amerikkans give them such incredible POWER over their lives? Is it a national DEATH WISH?].