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They Live Among Us

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Introduction by Jim Stone

Wayne Barbuto is a dedicated truther who had an extremely advanced fully computerized, calibrated, you name it gun manufacturing facility set up to do .50 cal that was fully licenced and operating totally above board. It was quality. I walked through the ruins, they were absolute TOPS and they had been incapacitated. The BATF completely unlawfully raided his facility, took many critical parts, and when he quoted his rights they called him a nutcase. They destroyed Wayne. It was a real wake up call. I have seen their dossiers on the web, Wayne was totally on the up and up and they destroyed him simply because he started quoting the constitution, and actual law, and obviously because they hate .50 cal. Wayne was doing sniper quality stuff, available to the general public.

Wayne was devastated by the loss, and could not recover even though a lot of the heavy expensive equipment was left behind after the raid, stripped of critical parts. It has been a while now and Wayne has pulled his life together and he can't start over with guns because finances have never permitted it. He has therefore focused on writing books rather than making guns. His book "They live among us" is a fantastic look into the dark side of the Jewish community, and yes, I had LOADS of problems after posting it. Well, they can F*** OFF, if they don't want high class minds working against them from a keyboard, than They ought not destroy completely legitimate gun manufacturing facilities just because it is easy to punch out one man. Reap what you sow bastards, I'm just dying to read the next memo despite the fact that Wayne's books would surely top it.

Jim Stone


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Its Not The Law

Legal Word-Crafting

The Game of Your Name

They Live Among Us

Defining the term Jew

Was Jesus a Jew?

Suppose you are arrested for wearing a red shirt on a Monday?

You are denied your right to be taken before a magistrate, and are imprisoned under surprisingly cruel conditions. Stored in an isolated cold cell for over a week, you are screamed at and threatened frequently. You are promised repeatedly that you will never see freedom again.

Meanwhile, your house is taken over by dozens of armed men pretending to be federal agents. Your name is slandered, your neighbors are threatened, your property is plundered, and everything of no interest to them is scattered to the furthest corners of your home. In addition, your business equipment is disabled, and your computer files corrupted.

Eight days later you are released, but not without threats of thirty-five years in prison, for your supposed, yet non-existent crime.

You know that you have done nothing unlawful—that there could be no such law in this country. Furthermore, you are certain that you couldn't have been wearing a red shirt on Monday because you don't particularly like the color red, and you don’t even own one.

You could hire an attorney and give him all your money. Perhaps it would be enough to keep you out of prison—but then again, it might not. Every attorney you talk to treats you as if you are the most despicable person in the world, and without asking you a single question tells you that you are going to spend many years in prison. You are not at all sure that giving them any money is going to improve their attitude, or do you any good.

What do you do?

The author of this book experienced a very similar situation. What he did was a little unorthodox, but what he learned as a result will likely change your perception of reality.

It has come to my attention that unauthorized copies of an earlier addition of my book are being sold at  I'm asking you to please not purchase from any site other than this one. 

Thank you

About Wayne Barbuto:

Introduction About for They Live

This is a book about a people very few know enough about; a people who take their marching orders from the devil himself; a people who own and control virtually everything, and are hiding in plain sight by calling themselves Jews. Of course most are afraid to mention “Jews” in a negative way as they are supposedly the chosen and all; but they are not. Rather, they are a people God professed an everlasting hatred for.

There are good reasons they have attracted God’s wrath; they are outrageous liars and admitted devil worshipers, parasites, and destroyers.

They are also artists of deception. These Jews point the finger at Muslims and most people (it seems) respond like stupid dogs. The simple trick of stealing the name Israel for their stolen

“homeland” thus implying they are Israelites has fooled most Christians, who are ignorant of whothey themselves (the true Israelites), really are.

Most of those who claim to be Jews (a term rarely defined accurately), are so, not by any racial descent, but as the result of a forced religion conversion. These are Khazar’s, East Asian Huns, quite possibly infected by interbreeding with Edomites, descendants of Essau-Edom, who sold his birthright to his brother Jacob (who later became the Father of the twelve tribes of Israel).

I believe that it was Esau-Edom’s descendants, genetically disadvantaged because of Esau’s marriages with women of races God forbid His people to associate with, thereby excluding

themselves from the chosen line, who went on to become the people we know today as “Jews.” Because of bitterness regarding Esau’s serious indiscretion in selling his birthright, his

descendants are committed to do everything in their power to destroy God’s covenant people, the true House of Israel, many of whom have become followers of Jesus The Christ.

They consider us to be nothing more than “Goyim,” or farm animals, useful idiots, provided for their use and abuse, and most people would be amazed at the many ways they have learned to make a profit off of us. Poisoning us with vaccines and then robbing our insurance companies while “managing our diseases,” i.e., keeping us alive just long enough to get all our money, is just one example. Using our young men for cannon fodder in their endless wars-for-profit is another of their favorites.

A major purpose of this book is to provide convincing evidence that Jews are responsible for virtually everything that is wrong in the world today. All of the greatest problems in this world, such as most wars, the fall of the Roman Empire, the Bubonic Plague, the Spanish Inquisition, and hundreds more, can be traced to them. This isn’t so difficult to prove as you might imagine — they admit as much, and they are so arrogant they can’t resist the temptation to brag about their wicked acts.

This book might be called, “Demons Among Us,” as the people I am writing about truly set the standard for such a descriptive term as “demons.” All fictional examples I can think of pale in comparison.

Happy Days

There is a story floating about the Internet regarding the good old days, 1950s, Happy Days (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), The Andy Griffith Show (Mayberry, North Carolina), et cetera. A key

sentence in this story follows: “Remember when Aspirin bottles came without safety caps and hermetic seals ‘cause no one had yet tried to poison a perfect stranger?”

This implies of course, that back in the 1950s or so such an act was unheard of. Apparently, this writer knew very little about history, or the mind and will of the Jews, because they have been doing this sort of thing for well over 2000 years.

They have been caught many times over the centuries, poisoning wells and kidnapping Christian children for their ritual murders—puncturing the child’s body in the places which they boasted they had wounded the Body of Christ, and drinking the child’s blood. You might ask (as I did) how they were caught so many times. Well, it is against their “religion” (Judaism), to give one of these victims a Christian burial, so they often leave the ruined bodies of their victims in public dumps where they are occasionally discovered. I will provide more details on this later in this book in a chapter titled, “Their Ritual Murder of Christian Children.”

Back in the Happy Days, few people were aware of the threat that was growing among them, and is having such a profound effect upon their descendants today. George Washington referred to the Jews as, “pests to society and the greatest enemies we have,” and Benjamin Franklin referred to them as “Vampires.” He said further, “I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews forever [Franklin sought to exclude them with the Constitution], your children’s children will curse you in your graves” (1787, recorded in the diary of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a delegate from South Carolina).

Over 400 million white people have been killed in the last 300 years by Jews, and because of blind trust in the Jewish-owned news media, few have figured it out.

A Point To Consider

Back in my mid twenties, while investigating the Church of Jesus Christ (LDS), I came across some interesting information regarding the following three questions:

• Are there people on other worlds?

• Is Jesus “The Christ,” the Savior for people on other worlds?

• If so, why was Christ sent to this world, of all the worlds our heavenly Father has created?

I won’t explore these questions in depth here, but will relate three versus of scripture to help me lead up to a point I want to make.

The following two verses are from a book of scripture (one of three in addition to the Bible) used by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Say Saints. “For we saw him, even on the right hand of God; and we heard the voice bearing record that he is the Only Begotten of the Father—“That by him, and through him, and of him, the worlds are and were created,

and the inhabitants thereof are begotten sons and daughters unto God” (Doctrine and Covenants 76:23–24). “And worlds without number have I created; and I also created them for mine

own purpose; and by the Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten” (The Pearl of Great Price: The Book of Moses 1:33). With these verses in mind, consider the words of an LDS church leader, Joseph Fielding Smith Junior, who made an interesting comment in one of his books.

 “Perhaps this is the reason Jesus Christ was sent here instead of some other world, for in some other world they would not have crucified Him, and His presence was needed here because of the extreme wickedness of the inhabitants of this earth” (Joseph Fielding Smith (1876 –1972), The Signs of the Times, p.5).

Consider this possibility: In all of God’s creations, of more worlds than we are capable of counting (though God knows them all), the Edomite Jews were the only people wicked enough to

kill Jesus The Christ, and that may be the reason He was sent here.

How this book came about

A number of discoveries fell into place before I felt the need to write this book. Discovering that our judicial system is privately owned and the owners have no respect for “We the People” and the Constitution for the united States, led to many important discoveries, as explained in my previous book, It’s Not The Law. Discovering that approximately 98% of the Communists responsible for, and involved in the Bolshevik Revolution were Khazars (so-called Jews), the very people who invented communism —no doubt through the direction of their god, Lucifer.

Hearing a rumor that Adolf Hitler had a large picture of Henry Ford Senior on his office wall behind his desk raised the question—Why?

Hearing a fascinating story about an assassination attempt on Henry Ford Senior, by Jews whom, up to that point, he believed were his friends.

A friend, Jim Stone, who told me about spending a couple of years attending two synagogues up in Canada, until they made the mistake of informing him as to what they were really all about. They certainly made a serious mistake doing that.

Another friend, while visiting a retired musician in Czechoslovakia, was advised that he should read a book by David Duke, a past leader of the Ku Klux Klan. For months my friend called me two or three times per week with reports of what he was learning from Doctor David Duke. These events were all keys that led to questions, which led to important discoveries I might have otherwise missed.

I have read well over one hundred books searching for details regarding the Jews. I hope that you will take advantage of my research, and not have to spend years figuring out these things for yourselves.

Hang on for an eye-opening ride.

Wayne Frank Barbuto©