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RESPONSE TO: 'Identity Politics And The Marxist Lie Of White Privilege'

Rocky Montana

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[Comments added by Rocky Montana. ]

[Ron: Please listen to this video with attention Pilgrims. It's seriously excellent. My only caveat is that Jordan Peterson's reference to the Genesis narrative refers to early Sumarian spiritual stories plagiarized by the Levite Pentateuch writers. The Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel mythological stories have no Judaic and Pharisaic origins, and Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) was not a Judahite or a Pharisee, his mother was a Sumarian and his father's seed was provided by Archangel Gabriel. Nor did Esu Immanuel "Jesus" establish the Christian religion which was created by Roman Emperors and Pharisees who corrupted and distorted the man's teachings. Accordingly there is NO Judeo-Christian 'theory of suffering... forming the foundation stone of our culture'.

[The term Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron.  Only a moron with the brain of an ox would believe the Judeo-Christian hoax set against Christianity by the modern-day Pharisees to subvert as many Christians as possible. 31 years after the truth was given to mankind, most Christians continue to remain deceived.  So be it.]

The valid spiritual basis of our culture stems from Jesus' teachings,

[All Christian bibles have also been tampered by German scholars, Kings, and modern-day Pharisees.  The result is that none are 100% truth, although there are still good instructions in them.  It is for this reason, however, and others that Project Phoenix was initiated in 1987 by God Aton to be carried out by Hatonn, Sananda and others of God's Hosts.  Of all the orthodox Christian bibles, the Jefferson bible is probably the most accurate, as Thomas Jefferson removed the Gospel of Paul (the only self-appointed and false apostle) which accounts for nearly half of the orthodox Christian bibles.     

When the word "Jesus" or "Jesus Christ", is used in any biblical, instructional writing with no explanation as to the correct name and meaning of the name ("Esu Immanuel" or "Immanuel" or "the Christ", or "Christos" ("Jmmanuel" is a Sanskrit word meaning: "GOD WITH US") you may want to be at least examine the motives of the writer, who is either ignorant of the facts or is knowingly attempting to deceive.  The title "Jesus" was conjured by Paul (Saul of Tarsus), a Pharisee and false apostle many years after Esu Immanuel had left the region of Palestine.]

NOT from the tenets of Judaism which are rooted in the genocidal Pentateuch and Torah; fleshed out in the Talmud which has obvious Canaanite overtones. This distinction is highly relevant because YHWH, the g-d of the neo-Pharisees who now call themselves 'Jews' is a jealous, ethno-centric, genocidal Pharasitic g-d and hence no god at all. Whereas Jesus was the incarnation of Christ Michael Aton, the Creator of this universe; and he taught that LOVE is the only reality.

[No, no and no!  Esu Immanuel, the Christ (a word which indicates a high level of Spiritual attainment), Archangel Michael, and God Aton are three distinctly unique and Spiritually advanced individual entities.  Both Sananda and Michael share regency or Governorship over planet Earth Shan.  Above both Sananda and Michael is Aton/hATONnn, who is God or Governor of our universe and the human races.]

Lumping Judaism in with Christian values conceals the truth namely that Judaism is Talmudism which is a collectivist, ethno-centric, authoritarian political ideology which indoctrinates its adherents in Judaic IDENTITY politics that teach that ALL non-Jews are soulless animals that must be conquered and enslaved, or kill;ed. Sound familiar?


Marx and Engels were Jews and the Communist Manifesto was a propaganda iteration of Talmudic authoritarian ideology designed to deceive gentiles into destroying their own governments and societies, leaving Jews in control of what was left.  Lenin articulated this ideology and set in train the Bolshevik genocides that Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said resulted in the deaths of 66 million Russians.  Stalin also killed 7-10 million Ukrainians in the Holodomor and Hatonn said that the Bolsheviks killed 100 million in all.

Mao Tse Tung was a Rothschilds' agent whose Communist regime caused something in the order of 80 million deaths in China.  As Jordan Peterson also mentions, the genocidal Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and many other Communist movements and governments, have also been directed and inspired by Talmudic Communists. 

[And Kim Jong-un (the current North Korean dictator) is yet another Rothschild appointed thug.]

Jordan Peterson also spells out how Communist ideology has morphed into the Post Modern, collectivist, IDENTITY politics that have engulfed the Anglo-US and EU.  In my view, if we are to overcome them, it is vital to understand the source of these anti-individual, anti-Christian, collectivist ideologies that are destroying Christians and the Western World as a perquisite to world domination.].