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Direct Action


by JB Campbel


The best thing Donald Trump had going for him was that he was not the murdering harpy.  But now we see that he is totally under the control of the Jews, if he is not one himself.  His family is at least through marriage interlocked with them, most infamously his Lubavitcher son-in-law.  His recent Mid-East speeches were written by a Zionist operative.  To cap it off, he has picked an Orthodox Jew to be the next head of the secret police!  Joseph Lieberman as FBI director is probably not going to happen and is likely just Trump sending an SOS to the Jews to go easy on him in this stupid and fake Russian election diversion.  Trump doesn't realize that there is no getting on their good side.  His presidency appears as doomed as the Oroville Dam.  But the presidency itself and the Constitution that spawned it are fatal flaws in the American Experiment, the main one being the private central Jewish bank enforced by the central government.


The Jews are showing their power.  Again.  The Jewish method is to control the president, one way or another.  Control him or destroy him, or both.  And then there is the Congress - the mob that gave twenty-nine standing ovations to Netanyahu - which has just voted 419-1 in favor of the neo-con idea for US Navy warships to stop and search cargos in the waters of other countries, such as Russia!  Only a Jew would have such an idea.  And only a Jew-dominated Congress would vote for it.  Russia considers the vote an act of war.


This is a call for direct action against the Jewish machine, which has virtually destroyed us all.  Destruction by Jews is unavoidable and total when they are allowed power for over a century.


The original destruction didn't take more than a couple of years - we've just been enduring Jewish Rule for all this time since they took over the American government in 1913 and used it to destroy the entire world.  There's no point trying to list all the things they have done because they've done it all, with their mind-boggling debt-based currency and endless wars.


We long ago passed the stage at which there was an alternative to direct action against the international and domestic Jewish enemy.  Legal action was never possible and political action was also never possible in our lifetime.  The Jewish machine has totally controlled the legal and political sectors of society since the Wilson administration.  We are on the short road to extinction and only direct action against the machine can possibly prevent it.


In our distant past, political action was possible in theory before the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, though we were originally crippled by the federal Constitution, which put us under a merciless central government and central Jewish bank with the unlimited power to tax and wage war.  The Constitution put us under the immediate control of beings such as the Federalists, American and English Freemasons, Alexander Hamilton and always the Jews.


In 1913 one prominent American attempted to prevent the act's passage.  No one else understood what it would mean to pay foreign hustlers for our own currency, or that they would be doing so, mainly due to the deceptive name of the act.  Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., was a congressman from Minnesota.  He spoke against the act at the time, warned that it was racketeering by greedy bankers and he continued to do so for the next ten years.  He published a book against the Jewish monopoly on currency and credit (The Economic Pinch) and had just completed another one when his home was raided by J. Edgar Hoover and his new federal secret police in 1923. The Lindberghs were roughed up, their home ransacked and the new manuscript seized, never to be seen again.  Hoover reportedly bragged that during the raid he kicked young Lindbergh in the stomach.  The senior Lindbergh was disgraced by the raid and died the following year.


This writer has in the past written harshly of the Kennedy clan due to its Jekyll and Hyde nature and embrace of left-wing policies.  The Hyde-types were old Joe, Bobby and Ted.  Bobby was a ruthless and reckless double-crosser and Ted was a worthless bum.  But we have to give JFK credit for taking on the Jewish machine.   He ordered Bobby, his attorney general, to force the American Zionist Council to  register as a foreign agency and thus prevent it from continuing to bribe and control US politicians.  The Jews managed to stall Bobby long enough until JFK was killed, at which point the registration was forgotten.  The AZC was re-named AIPAC and has continued blatantly to control US politics ever since.


JFK ordered, six months before his murder, the printing and circulation of over four billion dollars in debt-free Series 1963 US Notes, thus depriving the Jewish company known as the Federal Reserve System the interest it was accustomed to receiving on its privately-owned Federal Reserve Notes.  He  planned to follow this in 1964 with a greater issuance of US Notes in other denominations, which would have quickly destroyed the most outrageous, predatory and lucrative racket in monetary history.


On top of these crippling attacks on the Jewish machine, JFK told the Israelis that they would not be allowed to have nuclear weapons.  He ordered an inspection of their French nuclear reactor/bomb factory and its shutdown if bombs were actually being built - which they were.


And there was Operation Northwoods, presented to him for his automatic approval by the top Jew in the military, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Lyman Lemnitzer.  Northwoods was the false-flag factory that would simulate Cuban terrorism against the US to justify the invasion of Cuba.  Kennedy rejected the operation and Lemnitzer was reassigned to Brussels to head NATO.


The Jews knew that this man was waging total war against them.  He was too tough-minded to bamboozle, too rich to bribe and too popular to beat in the 1964 election.  Kennedy had written in admiration of Adolf Hitler, predicting that one day he would be seen differently, so there was nothing to do other than kill him. 


Kennedy would in the near future become the most prominent victim of Northwoods, along with Lee Oswald, the most vilified false-flag of them all.


Maybe things would have been different if Jack Kennedy had explained to the people what he was doing - and why.  But he and his brother waged their war against the Jews in secrecy.


I mean by "direct action" paramilitary operations against the alien Jewish enemy, beginning with Israeli spies, assassins and agents of subversion licensed by the State Department to do their dirty work in this country.


My first reason for direct action, that all Israeli operatives in America be killed:  David Ben-Gurion told James Angleton to assassinate JFK.  Ben-Gurion was the prime minister of Israel and he wanted no interference with his hell-bomb factory at Dimona, which was working with plutonium "stolen" from the US.  Angleton was the CIA executive who had helped create the Mossad during his year in Israel in 1951.  His first loyalty was to the Jewish state his whole career.


Angleton gave it to the CIA's boss of the Western Hemisphere David Atlee Phillips, who contracted the Chicago mobster Sam Giancana, who assigned John Roselli, Eugene Brading, Chuck Nicoletti and James Files to handle the actual shooting.  The Mossad supplied one or two Corsican shooters as well.  Jack Ruby coordinated the operation with help from the CIA's E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis.  The shooters were critically aided by Secret Service limo driver William Greer, who brought the Lincoln to a stand-still in the kill-zone for the coup de grace.


Ruby murdered the fall-guy and two other Jews, Arlen Specter and David Bellin, handled the official cover-up.  Only a Jew could have the gall to present the Magic Bullet Theory to convict their patsy in the cover-up.


Ben-Gurion ordered the assassination and then resigned as prime minister so as to appear unconnected to the coming horror show.


Because there are so many Zionist agents in the US government, it is difficult to distinguish between actual Israelis and so-called American Jews, many of whom including Lieberman have Israeli passports.  "Dual loyalty" is a misnomer:  they have only one.


Reason Number Two for direct action:  Operation Cyanide - the joint US/Israeli murder plot against the USS Liberty.  Cairo very nearly got nuked!  The crewmen of the NSA ship were actually working for the NSA and were deliberately sent into the war zone unescorted by Lyndon Johnson, the navy and the NSA to be sunk.  Again, it is often difficult to distinguish between Israelis and so-called Americans.  The disastrous failure of Operation Cyanide resulted in the second-most desperate and drastic cover-up in US history - not quite as ruthless as the cover-up of JFK, which murdered scores of witnesses and connected persons.


Reason Number Three:  the joint US/Israeli conspiracy of 9/11, which was Cyanide on steroids.  The purpose of both plots was to justify the US invasion and destruction of the Muslim countries.  Cyanide failed because the Israelis couldn't sink the ship and blame it on Egypt.  9/11 was better-executed and was blamed on Saddam Hussein.  Both operations were from Lemnitzer's Northwoods playbook.


These three treacherous acts all stem from Jewish debt-based currency, which we know (but don't understand) as the Federal Reserve System.  We don't understand it because it is so unbelievable that we could pay a private company to supply us our currency and set the interest rate which we must pay them for borrowing from them, as if they, the Jewish owners, were actually lending us something of value.  We supposedly borrow our currency from this Jewish company, which manufactures it under license out of thin air, but must "pay it back" with interest, which they set!.  We can't pay it back even without interest so it becomes the National Debt.  This fake debt to Jewish bankers is what gives them total power over every aspect of our lives.  The income tax goes to the New York Fed, supposedly to pay the interest.  Its purpose is to keep us in servitude to them.


But economic power is not enough for the Jews.  The insatiable fiends must have total political and military power as well, as they revealed with JFK, Cyanide and 9/11, among many other worse examples such as the Soviet Union, two world wars, the atom bomb, Fukushima, ad nauseam.  My three reasons for direct action are only three atrocities that must be avenged.  We just need one reason:  to end Jewish Rule.


Direct action means that, for openers, we must locate all Zionist spies, agents of influence and operatives in this country.  Then, one by one, they must all be killed.  This includes not only Mossad case officers, or katsas, but Israeli "diplomats" and American helpers, or sayanim, wherever they are found.  Victor Ostrovsky, the former Mossad case officer, claimed in his two books that there were only twenty-five or thirty case officers in all the world due to their networks of helpers.  The ones operating in the US must be identified, located and killed.


We got a glimpse of such a network on 9/11 with the arrests of the Dancing Israelis and the raid on their front known as Urban Moving Systems in NYC.  Also, the bold operation of the Israeli spies who called themselves "art students."  Dozens of Israelis were arrested that day.  Why, do you suppose?  Plus the Jews driving the box truck full of explosives on the George Washington Bridge.  Keep in mind the images of people jumping out of the two WTC towers and exploding like watermelons on the concrete while the five dancing Mossadniks were celebrating across the river as they filmed the whole thing.  The witness who called the cops said, "They were, like, happy..."   All of the dozens arrested were returned quietly to Israel on orders of Michael Chertoff, who himself has an Israeli  passport.


Most Jews are at war with us and not just the Israelis.  The sayanim, obviously, even if a sayan has no choice once his/her help is requested by Mossad.


Direct action against the Jewish machine needs to be a joint operation between civilian and military Jew-fighters.  The Internet must be exploited for our purposes, not for those of the Mossad punk, Zuckerberg, and his sponsors in the NSA.  The ultimate helper just announced that the world needs a global superstructure!  The ignorant kike doesn't know there already is one, called Zionism?


The time for propaganda and analysis is finished.   We know everything about the Jews that we need to know, whether it's a little or a lot.  It's all true and their murderous ways cannot be exaggerated.  Judaism is cancer.


There should be two arms of Direct Action - intelligence and action.  All we need to know now is who, where and when.  I believe we are at the stage at which IT can be used to identify and locate the enemy.


Zionist spies must be killed immediately whether they are police, feds, Jews or non-Jews.  They're at war and the Jewish planners intend to kill us all, starting with those of us who know about them.  They have flooded our country with hostile aliens, both legal and illegal, just as they have flooded the country with drugs and degeneracy and debt-based currency to weaken us and prevent resistance.


The action arm will depend on the intelligence arm for accurate information.  At first, the action arm will be small units, as small as two-man teams of shooter and spotter.  The teams will have to be funded for travel and lodging.


For me, self-defense against the Jewish machine is not theoretical.  Here is what happened in 2003:  A team of six or seven Israelis made three attempts to kill me by putting poison grease on the steering wheel of my truck.  Ten years later when I was writing for Veterans Today, Gordon Duff said the poison was a combination of petroleum jelly, datura and DMSO.  How would he know?  Duff, he told me, was/is connected both to CIA and Mossad and said this is the Mossad poison of choice.  He said I was lucky it wasn't dandelion.  Maybe it was.  The poison, whatever it was, attacked my kidneys and burned my dick so that it was modified considerably and unusable for years due to the scar tissue.  It remains something that I don't care to handle.  My wife, an MD, used antibiotics and nutrition to save my kidneys and my life but there was nothing she could do about my dick.


That was the year I presented my landmine-safety vehicle to the US Army, which intended to replace all frontline Humvees with it - roughly 75,000 of them over the coming ten years beginning the following year.  This was fairly unprecedented due to the scandal of the high number of casualties from IEDs destroying so many unarmored Humvees in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I was in the right place at the right time and the Israelis knew all about it.   The experience was recounted in "Psychological Armor."


The Israelis did not want someone such as myself with millions of dollars to spend on making trouble for them.  So they decided to kill me.  As we now know, assassinations must be signed off by not only the Mossad chief but also the prime minister.  In my case they were Meir Dagan and Ariel Sharon.


My wife had warned me that the Israelis we would see at the pool and around the Flamingo apartment complex in Las Vegas were interested in me.  This was several years before the Mossad murder of the Hamas executive al-Mabhouh in Dubai by a large group of Israeli killers, so I couldn't imagine that it would take six or seven of them to kill me.  I said, "How do you know they're Israelis?"   She said, "They're speaking Hebrew.  I've been to Israel.  I've been around Jews all my adult life.  They're Israelis and they're always looking at you.  We'd better watch it."


First, my truck was vandalized.  In the excitement I didn't notice anything on the steering wheel but the next day I became quite ill and my kidneys started to shut down and a serious and a painful burn was developing which I also couldn't understand.  Robbi was an ER and ICU doctor at one point in her medical career and immediately went into action.  I eventually recovered except for the burn about six weeks later.


The day before the army was scheduled to arrive for a meeting my business partner and I got in my truck to go over to check out the vehicle and make sure it was ready.  I grabbed the wheel, which was covered in grease!  Sticky, gooey grease.  I said to my partner, "What the hell is this?"  He was too excited about the coming meeting to pay attention so I just wiped my hands and the wheel with a shop rag and off we went.  I began to get ill again the next day during the army meeting but managed to get through it successfully.  By afternoon, however, my kidneys started shutting down again and the raw burn intensified.   When you pull it out to pee the irreversible damage is done.


This time, remembering the steering wheel, I said to Robbi, "You know something?  I think I've been poisoned."  She said that she was thinking the same thing.  It's not something you want to face.  And it took another six weeks to recover - except for the burn, which just got worse.  The Jews burned about two inches off it due to the shrinking of the scar tissue over the next few months.  And it hurt to get hard.


At this point, I was wiping door handles, steering wheel and gear shift with alcohol before getting in.  I started parking the truck next to the guard shack and told the guards that someone might try to get into it.  Despite this, they did it one more time.  We got in it one morning shortly after receiving an emailed death threat from the JDL and the wheel was covered in grease again, despite being parked next to the guard shack.  I cleaned it with the alcohol.   The Las Vegas cops refused to investigate.


There was no alternative but to leave Las Vegas, which we did since there was no point to be there anymore.  The Israelis wrecked the vehicle project with the army by informing them that I was a notorious anti-Semite.  So take notice and beware a similar attack if you become known to them.  Ideally, you shouldn't become known.


Nine years later, in August 2012, we were attacked by a drone at our home in Victor, Idaho.  It was making a whirring sound outside our opened office window in the dark at around nine pm.   We both started for the window but Robbi was closer and she got there first.  She was between me and whatever was out there.  The noise went away and that seemed to be that.


I left for my work in California at 4:30 the next morning and let Robbi sleep.  I didn't know anything was wrong until she called as I was going through Reno hours later.  Something was terribly wrong with her lungs and she was having difficulty in breathing.  She'd been on the floor since she woke up and could hardly move as the pain was so intense.  When she finally got medical attention, she was told there was nothing they could do since they couldn't determine what was wrong.   She put herself on steroids to lessen the inflammation and pain but they did nothing for the symptoms.  She found a lung specialist in Wyoming who promised he would get to the bottom of it.  On her second visit he was a changed man and told her there was nothing he could do - sorry.  We're pretty sure he got a national security letter instructing him to back off.  Our local hospital in Jackson said the same thing.  Months later, the disease was reduced greatly by a chiropractor's hot laser.


Later in 2012 I had knee replacement surgery at the local hospital.  Just prior to the procedure I was questioned by the chief of anesthesia, who was suited up for the operation...


I awakened in my room after surgery and immediately threw up.   The room was dark but what was in the bucket didn't seem right - it looked black.  I called the nurse to bring another bucket.  She took mine and appeared startled by the contents.  Within minutes I threw up again and again the stuff in the bucket was very dark.  She came again and this time was even more taken aback when she looked in the bucket.  "Why is that so dark?" I asked.  She said, "It's blood."


The nurse knew who I was and had heard a speech I'd made over in Idaho a few months earlier.  She said the surgeon had done over six thousand procedures and this had never happened before.  The odd thing was, it happened to me and the only other patient he had that morning - a woman.  And the even odder thing was, at the very last minute before surgery, the anesthetist who'd questioned me was replaced by a female anesthetist whom they did not know.  She was a total stranger!  She was there for my surgery only and they never saw her again.  But the unfortunate other patient apparently received the same anesthetic.


We had a meeting with my surgeon before my hip replacement a month later.  He was very disturbed by what had happened on his watch and promised there would be no repeat of it.  I told him that the Israelis had in the past attempted to kill me and he nodded, realizing it had to be something like that.  And the next one was without incident.  But within a month, I began to develop a neurological disorder which we suspect came from whatever was in the stranger's anesthetic.


We all need to get our feet wet and operations against Zionists are logical starting projects.  In time, maybe a short time, we can go against the Jewish controllers and policy-makers.  Naturally, the teams can go against any aspect of the Jewish machine.


This was the goal and my reason for starting the militia movement in the '80s.  Back in those pre-Internet Bush days, coming out as anti-Jew was almost impossible and definitely counter-productive.  I went for it carefully in radio interviews, which really got the movement going, but most audiences were not receptive to this part of my message.  Jewish brainwashing was still in most people's way.


I kept pressing the message and finally made some headway when Jeff Rense ran a piece called "Jewish Rule" in '06.  That's how long it took!  That essay literally changed the landscape and led to a real blowout of anti-Jewish awareness and writing which we see all over the Net.  Hasbara trolls for some reason backed off from their aggressive online tactics.


This was a change but not enough.  The Jews learned to live with it.  In fact, our awareness and hatred of Jews seem to energize them and give the rabbis extra power over their people.  Coexistence with these aliens is not possible.  Think of them as the ones in THEY LIVE.


Jewish agents in Europe and the Western Hemisphere have fomented mass migration of Muslims to undermine society and sow chaos on which Jews thrive and make great gains in power.  Until recently, Muslims were the enemies of our enemies but that time is over.  Israel and the CIA have subverted the Arab world and turned millions of Muslims into our deadly enemies.  This was made possible by neo-con control of the US military and using it to slaughter millions of Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere.  Muslim reaction was scientifically created and turned into a Jewish weapon of mass destruction.


Direct Action is the only possible way to deal with Jewish Rule as it must be dealt with.  I recommend for several reasons that it begin with action against the Zionist aliens who are in this country only for their deadly subversive purposes.  It is our duty to destroy them.


While this may be read by people in other countries and is just as true for them, it is directed at Americans.  The Jews have taken over America in every possible way.  They have turned it into the most terrible killing machine of all time, not only by its military but mainly in its creation, recognition and/or support of all Communist parties around the world since 1917, and of the Zionist parties since 1948.


This has put a terrible burden on us.  We are rightly hated and feared around the world for the fact that Jews control us and make us do what we do.  Their control is most obvious and repulsive in the Christian believers.  Many millions of these pathetic souls are in the Jewish thrall and though they may be pacifists, they will defend their "Judeo-Christian" values to the death.  That means they will fight us to protect their sly masters.  We might liken their mass hysteria to the Stockholm Syndrome.


The only way to defeat Judaism is with heroism.  The Jews know this very well.  Hollywood has abolished all heroic role models of people doing the right thing despite psychological pressure or physical danger.   Children get no realistic heroes - only cartoonish, PC "super-heroes."  PC means "acceptable to Jewish censors."


Today it takes heroism just to tell the truth about anything, so the heroism required to be any part of Direct Action is enormous.  We have been undergoing psychological pressure - Jewish brainwashing - every day of our lives since we were old enough to watch television.  Every scripted word uttered on TV must be acceptable to Jewish censors.  Offenders are immediately fired, never to work again.


We must break this Jewish control the only practical way we have, which is by force.  We must make this country uninhabitable for all agents of murderous Israel.  Because it is so difficult to distinguish the nationality of these agents, all  Zionists here must be eliminated.  Israel is not just a gangster state - it is a gangster state of mind.  Zionism means that Khazar Jews invade Palestine, kill the Palestinians and give it a Jewish name.  But this simple idea required the military muscle and equipment of Uncle Samuel.  Thus, participation by US military men and women in Direct Action is needed to deal with Zionist traitors in the military.


We shall need civilian leaders and military leaders as well as liaisons between them to coordinate action against the Zionists.  Our first goal will be the elimination of Zionist control of this country.  Our ultimate goal will be the elimination of Jewish power and influence and control of every aspect of our lives.


When I started the militia movement in the late '80s I coordinated it with my friend Louis Beam's "leaderless resistance," which was intended to avoid infiltration by the police, the feds and the Jews.  No one was authorized to lead the militia movement, which was a deception in the first place to confuse the government.  I also needed to attract gun owners who thought it would be patriotic to be in the militia.  But I was trying to create revolutionaries.  What I did was to convert the militia from a government auxiliary into an anti-government armed movement, using the old name which appeared so deceptively in the Second Amendment.  No one was authorized to regulate the old militia and no one was authorized to lead the new militia movement - not even the guy who started it.  I got it going and then stepped aside when I saw that American men weren't yet revolutionaries.  Conditions were going to have to worsen considerably.  That would take another thirty years.


The militia movement fell apart with the federal OKC massacre.  It did so due to no training, no purpose and, frankly, no leadership.  Leaderless resistance requires training and purpose.


Now, thirty years later, conditions have worsened considerably.  The Federal Reserve has with its debt-based currency destroyed what was left of America - we supposedly owe the Jews over twenty-trillion dollars!  For what?  For allowing them to charge us interest on their Monopoly money loans?  Anybody wonder where the extra comes from to pay the vig?


Direct Action needs both civilian and military leadership.  The military side does not need generals or colonels or admirals or captains.  It needs smart, tough Jew-wise younger officers and NCOs who are willing, ready and able to take over the military from the war lords who at this time are planning total war with Russia, North Korea, Iran and even China at the direction of the Zionist enemy.  This enemy, since the days of Herman Kahn, actually thinks that nuclear war is not only survivable but also winnable!  This is the primary mission of the military side of Direct Action, to take from the Jews their US military power, the power to wage aggressive war against all countries who do not recognize them as the masters of the Earth.


The secondary mission is to disarm Israel and remove its weapons of mass destruction, as first planned by JFK.   


The military side will accept leadership due to its system based on rank, and that is fine assuming the higher ranking officers in Direct Action have good judgment.  The civilian side must develop a leadership structure very quickly, since most civilians have not been thinking along these paramilitary lines.  Those with military experience will no doubt become the original civilian leaders.


Direct Action should be supported generously by those who can do so.  Everyone in the anti-Jew movement must contribute something, however, even if it's just moral support or a place for a team to crash.  Those with needed IT and paramilitary skills should participate.  There are obvious risks involved but not as  certain as the risks we all face now.