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June 9 2014

Hi, Jim.


I reached your site thanks to a link from “the truthseeker” a few months ago. I highly value your work getting people aware of the Zionists’ grip not only on America but on the whole world.


I’m a Muslim and I ‘m glad not all people around the world take all the crap being said about Muslims. Most “Westerners” may doubt it but the reality is:


All Arab countries are definitely ruled by anti-Muslim rogue jewist- the adequate name you gave them. Even the arrogant so-called “Holy Sites Servants” of Saudi Arabia, sitting on chairs as if disabled don’t bow to God like all Muslims do when praying.


So, Arab countries are ruled by their enemies. Didn’t you see what happened in Libya and Egypt and what is happening right now in Syria? The same thing happened in Algeria during the 1990’s* when Algerian people democratically chose, just as the Egyptians did, their representatives from among them. But then, little info leaked about the atrocities Algerian people experienced, yet alleged to “Islamist terrorists” who were but bearded agents from the DRS, the Security and Intelligence Department. As a result, 200000 innocent people were slaughtered without being tried and 20000 people were snatched from work or in the dark from their beds. They never came back home; they were probably killed under torture then buried anonymously in ditches. (Now and then corpses are uncovered then quickly reburied again and the building site is discarded before the news is spread).


A question rose then wondering “who is killing who”. But the ruling regime prosecuted anybody doubting the “Islamist terrorists” as being the culprit though the most notorious AlKaeda-related terrorists leaders : Hassan Hattab for the North of Algeria and Lamari Saifi AKA Abdelrazak El Para for the Sahara, South of Algeria are in “their custody”, protected and held from being tried in Court !


Finally “they”(the occult real rulers) called upon a power-thirsty guy and imposed him as a life-long president though phony elections .He managed to amnesty both sides : the official Generals and their death Brigades who were playing the “Islamist terrorists”. The national wealth is being looted and transferred to foreign bank accounts and part of it is squandered here and there to temporarily postpone a pending appraisal. In the mean time a wealth of youngsters is being neglected, when not intentionally led astray.


Now, though wheel-chaired and severely handicapped the president Bouteflika has been recently “reelected” (4th successive mandate) in order to achieve a last desperate but ridiculous wish of the rulers: locking their amnesty in the Constitution which is being currently tampered with!


* There’s much info about it on this site:


I pray for you every day.


My response: There is no doubt the Jewists have seized complete control of every Arab nation on earth, and have probably nailed even North Korea and Iran, though a while ago I thought at least Iran was out of their reach. Probably not.


If key people at Mecca do not bow in prayer, it is pretty good proof those key people are Jewist usurpers as well. And they would get in there, bet on it.


The CIA has infiltrated every Islamic community in America. And I will tell you how to pick them out - They will always be the "humble ones of little means" who show up stinking with a full dark beard. The CIA does not use clean cut agents like in Hollywood, they take full advantage of the image of the under dog and the lowest of the low, the least respected people in a community are likely to be the CIA agents. That way no one keeps any secrets from them, because they appear to just be simpletons. And victim status is also heavily used by the CIA, everyone helps the victim and is likely to confide with a victim.


If you have such people in your Islamic communities, suspect them FIRST. Suspect those who sleep at the mosques, eat at the mosques, those who are living on zakat, yet are ever prevalent in the community and put on a good show of piety yet won't get much respect or be thought of highly. These types of people are what the CIA portrays themselves as, and on the other end, they will also seek to be put in place as Immams. They will hit both ends, what they won't be is somewhere in the middle.