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How the Babylonian Kabbalah Judaized Christendom

John Kaminski

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Antidote to your poisoned American public school education

and solution to the continuing zombie Jewish nightmare



It's all about capturing the paradigm. 


Most people still believe it's progress to profit by deceiving someone, which is why they can actually cheer the deaths of their own sons and daughters in totally bogus foreign wars and homicidal medical experiments. It is the goal of most of the people I know, love and support to overturn this paradigm, despite a majority of people who are their friends all whispering into their ears: "It's too dangerous to confront them directly. Look at what happens to people! So call them Zionists. You won't get killed that way." "Right," I always reply, "and perpetuate the scam."


Anyone who has ever read any of my stuff knows that I'm rummaging around in the arcane vestibules of history primary to reaffirm and buttress my perceptions of the present, and maybe glean some lesson that someone may have missed that might magically arrest and detoxify our current slide into a meaningless oblivion produced by the powers that be, who more and more seem to be the collective apparition of a species suicide myth, a self-destruct mechanism installed by a poison belief system (the Bible IS kind of like the Israeli Stuxnet virus, now that I think of it).


Anyone familiar with my work also knows I'm disorganized to the max, preferring to rely on the prevailing winds of the universal vibe to carry me in the direction I'm supposed to go, rather than build up any solid defense of any particular piece of evidence and become the expert on it. I've been tuned into a bigger problem for the past three decades: the dead end street we're on. Back in the 1980s at several alternative newspapers, I used to envision a cartoon of Dan Quayle, the former vice president, in a blue Ford convertible driving over a cliff while singing "Yes we have no potatoe!" Today, it's a much darker image, best not described, because we are living in the days where reality has eclipsed fiction, or perhaps it is more accurate to say the bogus fiction we use as a foundation for our reality is actually collapsing our reality into the giant heap of blood and feces it actually is.


So, in my disorganization this fine Sunday morning, rather than listen to Hillary Clinton explain how Pakistan doesn't understand U.S. logic, in a random pile of old mail (these from the past ten years collectively total several feet high), I found a single piece of paper with the engaging title "How the Babylonian Kabbalah Judaized Christendom."


I've often yearned to get the whole story — any story, every story — on a single piece of paper for maximum ease of comprehension, and this piece of paper — with a thousand years of suppressed and concealed history condensed into a single understandable list — a treasure trove for history buffs — did that: about a hundred lines of 7 point type in three and sometimes four columns, covering the time from . . .


1066 Kabbalists sponsor Norman [Guelph] Conquest of England


2001 Fake 9/11 plane videos launch War on Terror hoax (ADL sics Christendom on Islam).


I'll let the actual text tell the rest. Each column tracks the parallel developments of three factions: Original Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.


More importantly, you can copy-and-paste-Google every single item in this timeline and expand your knowledge of the real history of the world exponentially (hint hint).





Original Roman Catholic Faction

Kabbalists ally with Papacy to destabilize Byzantine church

'Divide and rule'

1054 Eastern Orthodox Schism [Anti-Papal East]


1066 Kabbalists sponsor Norman (Guelph) Conquest of England

1095 Kabbalists arrange 1st Crusade to take Jerusalem from Islam

1118 Knights Templar learn Kabbalah from the Ismaili

1180 Maimonides Talmud (Great Ashkenaz Rabbi) 'Blacks equal apes'

1227 Pope allies with Black Guelphs against Ghibellines [Italy]

1240 Mongol invasion drives Khazar Jew kingdom west into Europe

1270 Zohar [Kabbalistic commentary on Jewish Talmud] "Evil equals Good"

1290 Edict of King Edward [expels Jews from England forever]

1307 Knights Templar forced underground "Friday the 13th"

1382 Wycliffe version [1st English Bible] 1st chapter/verse division

1478 Marrano Crypto Jew Torquemada leads The Inquisition

1482 Papal Bull-sanctioned Castilian slave trade kicks into high gear

1479 ACTUAL INVENTION OF EUROPE — Unification of White Tribes: Fall of Granada — End of Jew friendly Moorish occupation

1492 Catholic Spain Ejects the Jews and their Moorish co-agitators.


At this point the list splits into the three faction categories


1517 Protestant Reformation splits Christendom

Kabbalists foment Protestant schism to Destabilize Christendom

'Divide and rule'

1517 Marrano Crypto Jews from The Alumbrados in Spain invent Jesuit Society to co-opt Papacy


In the Roman Catholic faction . . .


1540 Papacy in crisis sanctions The Jesuit Order

1545 Council of Trent: Roman Catholic counter coup attempts to reacquire Protestant territorial seizures (embattled papacy enlists Jesuit counterinsurgency services)

1554 Lurian Kabbalah [Ashkenaz sorcerer Isaac Luria]

1571 Battle of Lepanto ends Ottoman naval dominance in the Mediterranean [Jews had betrayed Christendom]


In the Protestant faction (1517 AD) . . .


Protestant Schism (Anti-Papal West)

1530 Rosicrucian initiate Martin Luther [Lutheran Church]

1534 Predestination heresy [Crypto Jew lawyer John Calvin]

1534 Acts of Supremacy [Venetian bankers co-opt King Henry 8th]

1558 Kabbalist Jew John Dee recruits Elizabeth I Stuart of England

1572 Calvin's student John Knox [Scottish Presbyterian Church]


The Orthodox faction time line begins . . .


1453 Fall of Constantinople: Guelph/Lombardi bankers of Venice and Genoa pit Ottoman Empire against Byzantine Empire

1547 Rebirth of Roman Empire: Constantinople's survivors resurrect Orthodox Byzantine culture in Moscow


The 1600s


Protestant faction:

1605 'Guy Fawkes' Jewish banker hoax [rise of British Empire]

1606 King James Stuart charters English colonization of America

1609 Bank of Amsterdam [used to finance 1688 Orange coup]

1609 John Smyth America [Baptist church]

1611 King James I Stuart (anti-papal) Bible version

1620 American Puritan Plymouth Colony (Anglican Separatists)

1649 Bankers' Calvinist 'Cromwell Revolution' Judaizes England

1655 Cromwell reverses Edict of Edward I to readmit the Jews

1660s England wrests slave trade from Catholic Spain/Portugal

1688 Privatized Sveriges Riksbank [Jews conquer Sweden]

1688 Venetian bankers sponsor William of Orange coup in England

1694 Privatized Bank of England [Jews conquer England]

1694 Sovereign State: The City of London Private Corp [Financial Arm of The World Order]


Roman Catholic faction:

1618 Thirty Years War Dialectic [Catholic vs. Protestant]

1666 Sabbataen cult supplants Judaic monotheism (Donmeh crypto Jews infiltrate Islam [Turkey])

1685 Revocation of the Edict of Nantes [France]


Orthodox faction: no entry


The 1700s


Protestant faction:

1717 Freemasonry founded in Britain on 7 Noahide laws [Talmud]

1726 Wahhabi Heresy [Bank of England finances 'divide and rule']

1730 Freemasonry infiltrates France from England

1738 John Wesley [Methodist movement]

1740 Askkenaz House of Rothschild organized to run Conspiracy

1776 Jew banker Haym Solomon finances American Revolution

1783 U.S. federal government a white Constitutional Republic


Roman Catholic faction:

1773 Suspension of Jesuit Order in Catholic countries

1776 Rothschild funds reconstitution of The Alumbrados [The Illuminati] to subvert the Protestant Reformation

1782 Illuminism co-opts Freemasonry at Wilhelmsbad

1789 Illuminati creates Jacobins for French Revolution


Orthodox faction:

1721 Russian Empire officially declared by Peter the Great


The 1800s


Protestant faction:

1803 Privatized Bank of France [Rothschild conquers France]

1806 Rothschild uses Napoleon to destroy Holy Roman Empire

1812 London Bourse victory [Rothschild scams Bank of England]

1814 Dutch central bank [Rothschild conquers Netherlands]

1830 British East India Co. achieves total enslavement of India

1830 Freemason Joseph Smith [Mormon church]

1839 Treaty of Nanking [British East India Co. enslaves China]

1845 Pro slavery USA Bible Belt [Southern Baptist Convention]

1848 Dispensationalist Heresy [Rothschild agent John N. Darby]

1870 Privatized Reichsbank [Rothschild centralizes German state]

1881 Rothschild assassinates U.S. President James Garfield

1881 Ashkenaz fleeing Russian pogroms begin pouring into America*

1882 Privatized Bank of Japan [Rothschild conquers Japan]

1883 Freemason William Miller [Seventh Day Adventist Church]

1884 Freemason Charles T. Russel (Jehovah's Witness church]

1884 Berlin Conference [Christendom plots to enslave Africa]

1890s Russian Jews begin buying up U.S. seminaries

1898 Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany rebuffs Zionist leader Herzl

1899 Boer War [Rothschild usurps white South African colonizers]


Roman Catholic faction:

1809 Napoleon kidnaps the Pope ["The Fatal Wound"]

1814 Restoration of Jesuit Order in Catholic countries

1815 Congress of Vienna redraws world map [Rothschild

1815 Waterloo [Rothschild crushes Napoleon's uprising]

1823 Rothschild captures Vatican purse [usury legal]

1837 Illuminati lodges in North and South begin stoking up Abolition and Secession pretexts to foment Civil War

1866 Jesuit Order assassinates U.S. President Lincoln

1868 14th Amendment coup instates British Admiralty Law

1869 Boshin War [Jesuits crush Japanese resistance]


Orthodox faction:

1815 Congress of Vienna [Russian czar rebuffs Rothschild roadmap]

1828 Tanzimat ends Ottoman independence from Western banking

1853-56 Crimean War: Rothschild pits European coalition against Russia [Russia loses her holy places in Palestine]

1861 Russian czar emancipates the slaves [serfdom abolished]

1863 U.S. Civil War alliance: Russian czar sends naval fleet to the aid of U.S. President Lincoln

1881 Jewish terrorist assassinates Russian czar Alexander II [bomb]

1881 Jews destabilize Russia: Russia makes secret deal with embattled czar for pogroms to force Ashkenaz exodus to America*

1885 Ottoman sultan rebuffs Rothschild bid to buy Palestine


The 1900s


Orthodox faction:

1904 Russo Japanese war: Rothschild pits Japan vs. Russia

1905 Jews flee to Germany after failed Communist coup in Russia

1908 Donmeh crypto Jews take over the Islamic Ottoman Empire

1914 WW I stage-managed to transfer Palestine from Ottoman Empire to British jurisdiction

1915 Armenian Genocide: Donmeh Jews pit Ottoman Muslims against Christians

1916 Menshevik Jew faction disables Russia's defenses for Bolshevik Jew faction coup

1917 Russian Revolution coup: Rothschild sends Bolshevik Crypto Jew fifth column from New York City to De-Christianize Russia

1941 WW 2 stage-managed to transfer Palestine from British Empire to Rothschild jurisdiction

1953 Rothschild sends Bolshevik Jews to crush Stalin's uprising

1989 Fall of Berlin Wall: Cold War hoax comes to a close [several nations possess UFO and Directed Energy Weaponry]


Protestant faction:

1901 Rothschild assassinates U.S. President William McKinley

1904 Colonization: Christendom completes enslavement of Africa

1909 Zionist movement publishes Cyrus Scofield Bible version

1913 Privatized "FED": Rothschild conquers U.S. federal government

1915 Illuminati reactivate Klan to funnel Blacks to Jew subversives

1917 Balfour Declaration: Rothschild threatens British Empire

1918 Rothschild destroys Islamic Ottoman Empire via British MI6

1922 ADL Jews pit the NAACP/Boulé proxy against Marcus Garvey

1928 British MI6 Freemason founds Islamist Muslim Brotherhood

1932 17th century Crypto Jews become Wahhabi Saudi theocracy

1944 Bretton Woods/IMF World Bank design national debt slavery

1949 Rothschild sponsors Communist Mao coup in China via MI6

1969 Neocolonialism [continued interference via comprador]

1963 Rothschild assassinates U.S. President John F. Kennedy

1968 Rothschild kills French President DeGaulle's uprising

1974 Watergate: Rothschild kills U.S. President Nixon's uprising

1979 Rothschild sponsors Islamist Khomeini coup in Iran via MI6

1980s Neoconservative Crypto Jews take over Republican Party


Roman Catholic faction:

1903 Pope Pius X rebuffs Zionist leader Theodore Herzl

1929 Sovereign State: Vatican City [private corp] SPIRITUAL ARM OF THE WORLD ORDER

1933 Transfer Agreement: Rothschild funds Crypto Jew Hitler to force Ashkenaz colonial exodus to Palestine

1939 WW II stage-managed to design a United Nations-vs. Israel Hegelian Dialectic

1945 Yalta Rothschild Cartel divides world map into 7 opposing Hegelian Sociology laboratories [totalitarian Communism in the East and monopoly capitalism in the West]

1946 Iron Curtain speech launches Cold War hoax

1947 National Security Act: British MI6 restructures U.S. government; "Bluebeam" alien/UFO hoax programs begin

1949 Rothschild creates NATO bloc to drive totalitarian technology development for WW3 plus 2012 Bluebeam hoax

1958 "October 1958": Rothschild coup unseats newly elected Pope Joseph Siri [Pope Pius 12's choice]

1963 2nd Vatican Council removes phrase "perfidious Jews" from liturgy [guilt of crucifixion]

1964 Culture Revolution: ADL Jews use the assimiliationist Boulé to federalize sovereign states [divide and rule] [overt Judaizing of America]

1965 Jew Senator Javits overturns U.S. immigration ban

1967 Sabbataen Labor Zionists capture Jerusalem

1969 Marxist Hollywood Jews air fake video over live TV [ADL hoaxes Apollo moon landing]

1982 Sovereign State: District of Columbia [private corp] MILITARY ARM OF THE WORLD ORDER

2001 Fake 9/11 plane videos launch War on Terror hoax [ADL sics Christendom on Islam]



This sheet of paper arrived in an envelope with no return address, and it was not revealed to me who the sender was. I only wish to say, "Send me more stuff, please."


First thing you do after reading this list is to email (or write) all your old history teachers, sending them a bill for all the time you wasted listening to them.


Your government, acting on the truculent behalf of the Jew World Order, has created, engaged or otherwise employed the terrorists in all these actions THROUGHOUT HISTORY to further regiment the robotized state they envision controlling, or, better make that, actually do control. And without our knowledge, due to the Jewish educational system whose aim is to create those very robots — you and me — who play the role of puppets, while they design all the songs and lyrics that we sing.


The one single thing that the American people are no longer equipped to realize is that they themselves have been declared Al-Qaeda sympathizers, and the so-called U.S. government will deal with them in the way it has always dealt with them, which is so clearly reflected in the policies it has created.


Think you know history. Think again. 


And savor the Jewish flavoring in all of it that continues to regulate and distort every single move we make throughout our lives.












John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida preaching the message that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he’s saying and know what it means. It is your contributions that have kept him going this long.  250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA

Aug. 23, 2011