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Bronfman Crime Family Ownership and Political Interests

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From: TruthBrigade.Com <>

Date: Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 6:39 PM

Subject: Bronfman Crime Family Ownership and Political Interests


date Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 10:26 PM
subject Bronfman Crime Family Ownership and Political Interests

Here is some more details on the Bronfman Crime family FYI. Pass onto everyone let them know the facts.

1.       One of their prime locations is  740 Park Ave NYC. Know as the place of the Masters of the Universe along with the Rockfeller

2.       They are setting up the “No Place for Hate” Program  In Philadelphia to push thru destruction of the first Amendment

Edgar Bronfman Leader of the World Jewish Congress

3.       Bronfman Hillel Foundation – CEO Edgar Bronfman – Corrupting College Environments

Hillel in Israel

4.       Leader  of the Samuel Bronfman Foundation

5.       The Bronfman Youth Fellowship Program

6.   Edgar Bronfman  close ally of Clinton’s when President

Also Major Presidential contributor  to both parties since 1960.  Ranked between 4-7 in both parties.

7.       Jack Ruby was a Lt. in the Bronfman Crime Family. Also Ruby was an informer on the Mob for Nixon

8.       Sam Bronfman .. Bootlegger for Capone, Lansky and Purple Gang Moe Dalitz

9.       Bronfman Family ownership of Israel  Discount Bank 

The bank was a major outlet used by Bernie Madoff to hide the $65 Billion in the scams

10.   Who is Bernie Madoff?


The IDB is the Israeli bank at the center of the 9-11 funding matrix connected to the Bronfman family and Israeli military intelligence.  IDB is the Israeli financial institution at the center of the Zionist crimocracy.  (See: "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11," especially the section on Joseph Ciechanover, the former chairman of IDB's New York branch.)

On January 31, 2006, a controlling interest in the Bank was acquired by an investor group led by Matthew Bronfman and Rubin Schron.  The deal gave Bronfman ownership of IDB's wholly owned subsidiary, the Israel Discount Bank of New York. Bronfman is a younger brother of Edgar Bronfman Jr., chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group Corp.

The Bronfman-Schron group paid $300 million for a 26% stake, with an option on a further 25%, in IDB.  Regulators approved the transfer after the bank agreed to pay $25 million to settle a money-laundering probe of its New York unit by the Manhattan District Attorney and the New York State Banking Department.  On Dec. 17, 2005, the New York Times reported that some $2.2 billion of illegal funds had been transmitted from Brazil through the IDB in New York (IDBNY) -- but that was just the tip of the iceberg.


The Jerusalem Post reported on November 2, 2006, that the scale of money-laundering going on at the Israeli bank was much, much larger than the Brazil case reported in the New York Times.  The Post reported that U.S. regulators fined the Israel Discount Bank of New York $12 million for violating federal and state laws designed to thwart money laundering.  The Israeli bank now controlled by the Bronfmans had failed to set up an adequate program to identify and report money laundering, according to federal and state regulators. A "substantial" part of $35.4 billion in third-party wire transfers during the year ended March 2005 showed traits common to laundering operations, the complaint said.

So, how did Madoff lose $50 thousand million?  How does $50 billion vanish?  Did it disappear to Israel through the Israel Discount Bank?

11.   Bronfman owner MGM/Universal Studios,_Sr.

Note: MGM/Universal is teamed up with GE and Microsoft via MSNBC Hence both Microsoft and GE are tied into the issue


12.   Bronfman’s ownership of MCA Records and Power Broker of Reagan


13.    Bronfman own DuPont obtained a Billion per day from the company  ownership as stated  by Edgar Bronfman Jr. Charles Rose Interview

Bronfman sold DuPont Ownership [in part only] for MCA

14.   Bronfman got into DuPont via the merger of Marathon  Oil  being purchased by  DuPont. Owner Ship Interests of Marathon Oil

also include the Speedway Gas Station Chain in the Southern States.  Other  Major owner was Moe Dalitz

Leader in the Purple gang and founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition.


Max Fisher: In 1985 Max Fisher, a top adviser on Jewish affairs and Middle East policy to every Republican President since Eisenhower, founded what is now known as the Republican Jewish Coalition, of which Fisher, 93, remains honorary chairman. A March 11, 1998 Jerusalem Post article reports that Fisher is looking for a replacement, and among those being considered are Mega co-founder Leslie Wexner, suspected Mega member Ronald S. Lauder, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.

Fisher amassed his fortune as a bagman for the "Purple Gang" that smuggled Sam Bronfman's booze from Canada into the speakeasies of the Midwest. Fisher made his "legitimate" fortune in the oil retail business, through Keystone Oil, Aurora Oil, and Marathon Oil. Fisher later became chairman of United Brands (a.k.a. United Fruit), a firm accused of major narcotics smuggling from South America.

15.   Bronfman’s have well known ownership interests in AOL/Time Warner

16.   Bronfman’s have owner ship of Laidlaw the School Bus Company the won many of the school bus contracts after the US Supreme courts ruled to us Buses to fix the segregation issue.  No surprise however.  Via  Kemper Marley they have US  Justice Rehnquist in their pocket.

Bronfman take over of Laidlaw Bus Vendor … Then Greyhound Bus Lines

17.   Bronfman bought out the Weather Channel

18.   Bronfman’s own Royal Caribbean Cruises

19.   Bronfman’s own Universal Studios and the Entertainment Parks

20.   Bronfman’s own MGM Casinos and the Foxwood Casino [72% ownership]

21.   Bronfman’s own US Sen McCain married into the family via Cindy McCain