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The Only Sure Path to Peace

John Kaminski

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A simple answer to our woes exists. Yet in many places, it is against the law to suggest it.

Most people won't believe this extraordinarily simple solution. But this is because the history we have been fed is false. Most people have been led to believe that all humans are equal, and that we're all in this life for the same reason: to live and let live, and enjoy the bounty that our lives on this planet guarantee us. But it is not true. We are not all in this together.

Probably the most important element in fixing all the problems of the world is understanding that the history we have been fed is false. And that part is easy to see. Just consider the phrase "America is the land of the free and the home of the brave." And then tell it to an Iraqi child whose parents have been tortured to death by Israeli-trained Blackwater mercenaries posing as Islamic terrorists.

You avert your eyes, don't you? You turn your head away. You don't want to think about it. As an American, you don't want to know, do you? You don't want to hear that you — yes, you! — are, as an American citizen, responsible for these unforgivable atrocities.

You know that is the truth, and yet you don't want to hear it. That is the kind of life you are living. Nauseatingly hypocritical. You are going to hell for sure, if you believe in that sort of thing.

But more importantly, by ignoring your responsibility in this matter, you are accruing a debt to the conscience of the world, and you shall pay for it, surely. And you will deserve the bad things that happen to you, although it won't be as bad as what, by your callous inattention, you have done to innocent people all over the world.

But I come to speak of a way to peace. Thoughts about the retribution that Americans will deservedly receive from the rest of the civilized world, I will leave for another time.

I need to speak about four revolutions: the British, the French, the Russian, and the German. I'll bet you didn't even know there was a British revolution, did you? I didn't, until recently, reading histories that have been hidden, suppressed, and certainly not taught in America's polluted public schools.

All four revolutions were not really revolutions at all. They were invasions. Invasions from without enlisting those of little character and no honor from within, who succumbed to the corruption of money. The money in these four revolutions was all provided from the same source, from outside these countries, to pay people who lived in these countries to stage a revolt against their legitimate leaders and well-meaning leaders.

The British revolution practically nobody has ever heard about involved Oliver Cromwell, who overthrew the King of England with help of foreign money, from Holland. The French revolution, largely celebrated as the Reign of Terror that killed half the population of France, was funded by foreign money and engineered by foreign provocateurs, largely from Germany. The Russian revolution, which we have come to call the Bolshevik, was funded by New York bankers, and consisted largely of revolutionaries from other countries, who afterwards murdered 50 million Russian natives. And the German revolution was also funded by Jewish bankers masquerading as Americans and Brits, and ultimately led to the deaths of 17 million people in World War I and 50 million people in World War II.

The important point to realize is that all this money, and all these foreign provocateurs who pretended to be native revolutionaries of the countries they invaded, all came from the same source: Jewish moneylenders.

And now we see the same thing happening to America. Jewish media creating discontent. Jewish money taking over the government. Jewish philosophy turning America in a nation of heartless murderers, rapists, and torturers, and eventually destroying the country itself, just like it did to all those other countries. And those were only four of many more examples, stretching all the way back to ancient Egypt. Same formula, different day.

Most of you can't believe the assertion that Jewish moneylenders have caused all the wars in history. You say you have Jewish friends, who are nice people. It couldn't be all Jews who are the problem.

Let me tell you another story, from deep in the bowels of history. This story is taken from, of all places, the Jewish Encyclopedia. It cites the work of Flavius Josephus, a Jewish historian, who tells the tale of an Egyptian named Apion, who hated Jews more than two thousand years ago.

Why did he hate the Jews? Listen to the tale. <>

Apion was a voluminous writer, but few of his writings have been preserved except what is found in the quotations of Josephus, his adversary. He wrote a treatise on the Latin language, and was one of the first to compose a glossary on Homer, probably, as Von Gutschmid says, embodied in the "Lexicon Homericon" of his disciple Apollonius, and hence in the "Etymologicon." He wrote a eulogy on Alexander the Great, as Gutschmid supposes, in recognition of the honor of citizenship conferred upon him by the Alexandrians. Another book of his bore the title "On Homer as a Magician," wherein he treated of the superstitious side of Homeric life, such as the magic plant, Circe and Hades, in a manner in keeping with the taste of his age. Apion was the author of "comments" on Homer and on Aristophanes, and also wrote a discourse on Apicius, the gourmet. But his chief work was on Egyptian history, written in close imitation of Manetho's work of the same title, "Ægyptiaca," and embodying the contents of Manetho's other works, the one on the ancient life and worship of the Egyptians, and the other on their theology.

As has been clearly shown by Schürer ("Gesch. d. Jüdischen Volkes," iii. 408), it was in the third book of his "Ægyptiaca" (and not in a special book against the Jews, as was erroneously assumed by the Church fathers, and asserted ever since) that those slanders were made by Apion against the Jews which found their way to Tacitus ("History," v. 1-5) and many other writers in Rome, and against which Josephus wrote the second part of his splendid apologetic work, known by the title "Contra Apionem." In the polemical portion of his book, Apion repeated whatever Manetho, Apollonius Molo, Posidonius, Chæremon, and Lysimachus had ever written against the Jews.

He first attacks them from the point of view of an Egyptian. He reiterates with considerable embellishment the slanderous tale told by Manetho, of the Jewish people having been led out of Egypt, a horde of lepers, blind and lame. He pretends to have heard from the ancient men of Egypt that Moses was of the city of Heliopolis, the city of the sun, and that is why he taught his people to offer prayers toward the rising sun. To account for the origin of the Sabbath, he tells a story current among the people of the time (if not invented by him) as follows: When the 110,000 lepers (this is the number also given by Lysimachus), expelled from Egypt, had traveled for six days, they developed buboes in their groins, and so they rested on the seventh day for their recuperation. The name for this malady being Sabbo in the Egyptian language, they called the day of rest Sabbath (Josephus, "Contra Ap." ii. 2-3).

But as the worst of all calumnies, he lays the charge of human sacrifice upon the Jewish faith—a charge which despite all better knowledge of the fact has so often been repeated. He narrates the following story: "Antiochus found in the Temple a bed and a man lying upon it, with a small table before him laden with dainties, from the fish of the sea and the fowl of the land; the man, on being asked by the king the reason for his being there, told him amid sobs and tears that he was a Greek, who had been traveling through the land to earn his livelihood, when he was suddenly seized and brought to the Temple, and there locked up and fattened on those dainties before him.

Wondering at these things, he learned upon inquiry that, according to a law of the Jews, they contrive each year at a certain time to capture a Greek foreigner, fatten him up, and then bring him to a certain forest, where they slay him with religious rites; then, tasting of his entrails, they take an oath upon the sacrifice to be at everlasting enmity with the Greeks, and afterward cast the carcass into a pit. And then the man implored Antiochus, out of reverence to the Greek gods, to rescue him from this peril, inasmuch as he was to be slain within a few days."

Finally, as denoting their hatred of all non-Jews, he makes the statement that "the Jews swear by God, the Maker of heaven, earth, and sea, to bear no good-will to any foreigner, and particularly to none of the Greeks" ("Contra Ap." ii. 11).

This ancient testimony, of course, is backed up by the contents of the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, and the preachings of the most famous Jewish philosopher, Maimonides, who orders Jews to kill or enslave all of the non-Jews in the world.

So by now, you know the sure path to peace I am recommending. It is repatriation of all the Jews in the world to Israel. It is the only path we may follow if we are to save the planet from certain destruction.

The Jews have created a 2,000 year old hammerlock on the world’s money system, which they did when they created the Christian bible at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, when they prohibited all but themselves from charging usury on money. Actually, they have controlled the world from behind the scenes ever since.

Nowhere than in America is it clearer that their total control of the media guarantees that the truth will not be heard as they create war after war and profit from the deaths of innocent others.

Do you wonder why the lies of 9/11 and the Iraq keep the American public blinded to the reality of what actually caused these atrocities? Look no further than Jewish control of the worldwide media.

And realize that the destruction of the America can be undeniably traced to Jewish control of the U.S. Congress, from the time of the Civil War but especially since the creation of the Federal Reserve system in 1913, which was followed in short order by the Jewish creation of the First World War.

The only sure path to peace is to expel the Jews — all of them — from all non-Jewish countries. This would not only stop all the wars around the world that have taken place since the Rothschilds cemented their control of the British government in the early 1800s, but also balance all the budgets of all the governments of the world, since the Jews will be prevented from savaging all the nations by the clandestine theft of all their usurious blood money.

Plus, by removing Jewish “doctors” from the systems of all non-Jewish countries, public medicine can return to the practice of actually trying to save patients rather than kill them, as is now the practice throughout the drug-taking Western world.

The alternative to this action is the destruction of the planet, which, as you know, is now well underway.

As someone wrote me in an e-mail the other day:

Anyone, who searches for the real reason of these Western-Jewish religions, will end up discovering that

(A) the 'New Testament' (NT) was written by Jews, and

(B) that at the very heart of the NT is NOT this distracting actor Jesus and his cross, BUT the explicit ORDER NOT to be engage in the money lending and interest / usury business, because that's solely the business of the Jews.

Any alert student will discover, that at the very heart of the NT is solely the foundation of the global Banking business of the money barons . . . which is solely owned by the same set of people, who wrote the NT in the first place, the Jews.

The smart Jews secured for themselves TWO (2) basic deals:

(A)  The Vatican 'police' enforced strictly, that NO 'Catholic' got involved in the money lending and usury business . . .


(B) at the same time, when Catholicism spread out by the force of the BLOODY SWORD, FIRE AND MASS SLAUGHTER, the Jews followed the trail like rats . . . and relocated to where ever the NEW CUSTOMERS, called Catholics, lived.

And then there was this snippet from another e-mail:

In most countries concerned a few voices were raised in an endeavour to expose the true nature of these evils. Only in one, however, did a political leader and group arise, who grasped to the full the significance of these happenings, and perceived behind the mobs of native hooligans the organisation and driving power of world Jewry. This leader was Adolf Hitler, and his group the National Socialist Party of Germany.

Never before in history had any country not only repulsed organised revolution, but discerned Jewry behind it, and faced up to that fact. We need not wonder that the sewers of Jewish vituperation were flooded over these men and their leader; nor should we make the mistake of supposing that Jewry would stick at any lie to deter honest men everywhere from making a thorough investigation of the facts for themselves. Nevertheless, if any value liberty, and set out to seek truth and defend it, this duty of personal investigation is one which they cannot shirk.

“Democracy in the west today is the forerunner of Marxism, which would be inconceivable without Democracy.” “If the Jew, with the help of his Marxian creed, conquers the nations of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of the human race ...” “Thus did I now believe," he writes of the days of 1918, "that by defending myself against the Jews I am doing the Lord's work.” — AH


Portage, part 3

The poet will win

Reason, compassion and understanding will

overcome the paralyzing cloak of our own fear

pull quote:

‘America is a nation that has been raped

by Jewish influence.’

By John Kaminski

Don't close your eyes, clench your crucifix and cling to the blindness of your beliefs.

Examine the matter carefully. As Buddha said, believe nothing you can't prove to yourself.

Writing is about finding the reader's milieu and massaging it. Most newspapers run on attention-grabbing bad news. And that's how they sell things. Examine the mechanism. Where is its heart?

The world is out of balance because people simply do not stop and think. They don't have time, they think. We have been taught by our schoolbells that we must regiment ourselves to make a living and subsist in modern society. Too few have realized that modernity is killing us, and it is to the eternal verities that we must return if we are to survive the gangrape of planet Earth by the monsters known as Mongol Jews who have turned our Garden of Eden into a slaughterhouse.

Which is more important: money, or blood? How are they different? And who profits from this difference.

And what of the difference in our own species, where one group places itself above all others, manipulates money and media, and creates a succession of self-destructive slave states which it eventually leaves in total disarray but in control of the minds of its shellshocked inhabitants.

Oh, the list is so very long and sad, now topped by Iraq, where corpses congeal in the sun as rotting monuments to American heroism; in Palestine, where the comatose inhabitants of an ethnic strain hurtle toward extinction; Afghanistan, where controlled terror is becoming a new kind of sport.

This process has gone on for thousands of years, always engineered by the same group under different names. But only one example is necessary: the Bolshevik Revolution that created the fearsome Soviet Union was an invasion from Brooklyn of the Jewish world financial octopus. The decades of paranoia that followed were only the echoes of its afterbirth that now, metastasized to the point it controls all levels of all human societies, threatens to kill us as nonessential to its mission. This is who Jews are.

People simply refuse to realize that what the Israeli Jews are doing to the Palestinians is EXACTLY what is happening to America, the Jewish-run, completely subverted porno culture America, whose residents are being pauperized, deliberately overrun by foreign hordes, poisoned routinely and pompously by their own doctors, robbed by their legislators, and betrayed by everyone they know.

America, under the influence of Jews since 1871, is now a completely hollow and shattered nation, where everybody resents everybody else, nobody trusts the government, yet everybody goes along as if life is hunky dory, that the sun will rise tomorrow, and new sales opportunities will arise. Somehow the media tries to keep us as worried as they possibly can. Because it's good for sales.

America is a nation that has been raped by Jewish influence.

Our medicines are deliberately spiked with poisons like Thimerosal, the mercury-compound that has caused the autism epidemic, from the capable hands of U.S. doctors and drug makers, who are overwhelmingly Jewish. Maimonides said they were trying to kill us, and they are. Never get a flu shot. It will kill you. And cancer treatments? One medical type I know called it the greatest mass murder in U.S. history. Process invented by a Jew, I do believe.

I'm still quaking from the aftershock of learning that Maimonides, whom Jews belabor as the greatest Jewish philosopher, called for the deaths of everyone who does not become a Jew in the New World Order. And worse, that the Noahide Laws became U.S. law in 1993, which means that when martial law is declared in America — which could happen any day now — rabbis, sanctimoniously appointed by Homeland Security czar Rabbi Michael Chertoff, will be in charge of deciding who is beheaded and who is not. Be sure and put that little tidbit into your concentration camp yearbook. It’s only a few years away, at most.

This is the America you signed on to, by failing to really see what foreign interests were doing to your country.

So ... see ... this Muslim terrorist I know, wrapped in Palestinian chador and carrying a copy of Ernst Zundel's "Did Six Million Really Die?" in his armpit, comes up to me and whispers in my ear:

"When the world pushes you to your knees, you are in the perfect position to pray. Be yourself beautiful, and you will find the world full of beauty. If it is not truthful and not helpful, do not say it. If it is truthful and not helpful, do not say it. If it is not truthful and helpful, do not say it, if it is truthful and helpful wait for the right time. Now is the right time. The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart."

So, perhaps you can see why Jewish America is so intent on killing all those who practice the veneration of Allah and the poetic words of Muhammad <pbuh>. People who display humane and compassionate sentiments are simply not to their liking.

Just imagine: an all-Jewish planet. Only a few feckless goyim kept around to clean up the disgusting filth — can you say Hollywood? — that Jewish society has always produced. It is forever pornographic in its nature, always aimed at destabilizing the herd for profit.

Effective message worth remembering: Anybody who uses the term "anti-Semite" is either a Jew or someone who is paid by a Jew, to steal profits from the labor of others by using deception, which is the essence of the Talmud and of Judaism.

Anti-Semitism is created by the Jews themselves to gain a psychological advantage over their non-Jewish adversaries, the people they plan to exterminate as soon as possible.

Get this. Religion is actually caused by lack of faith. Real faith is knowing all will be well, knowing everything occurs according to the divine rhythms of the universe.

Religion is used to convince you of something you already know. That only faith will get you through the night.

We don't need all those fancy stories. All those preposterous legends. Adam and Eve, indeed! The genealogy of that story could have come from nowhere but the twisted puzzlements of the human brain. Ditto most of the other ancient fables.

They are all fictional representations of human needs and natural events, just metaphors by which we are able to grasp our perception of the world. Not necessarily reality, only reality as we choose see it.

We badly need to examine the terms used in these legends — essentially all idol worship — and see how they are shaping our behavior in a negative way.

We shall call them The Chosen, and they shall be cursed. Let them forever be separate, and prey upon themselves, rather than us. Only then will we know peace on Earth.

John Kaminski is the author of America’s Autopsy Report, The Day America Died and The Perfect Enemy. His Internet essays have been seen on thousands of websites around the world. His website is currently down due to poverty. Catch some of this writer’s recent essays at and earlier pieces are still available at

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