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High risk of chaos in Zimbabwe

Cathy Buckle

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Negro “leaders” are violent, thieving, murderous despots that are only kept in line by external force. Remember how the Jew media lied about the “evils” of Africa’s apartheid governments? Remember how Americans were assaulted daily by Jew media lies about the oppressed Negros of Africa being horribly condemned to a life of poverty and how white, apartheid authorities were murdering them without any “justice?” Remember the Jews’ pretty words, saying how it would only be fair to give African Negros the same voting rights as white Afrikaners? Like the Judeocommunists of Russia and the Judeojacobins of France, Zimbabwe is yet another classic example of what happens when white people listen to Jewish lies.

Now those same lying, duplicitous, deceiving Jews are “legally” turning every formerly white country on the planet over to these violent murderous thugs who will soon destroy the native, white peoples. All the while, stupid, white goy studiously ignore the Jewish supremacists’ own apartheid state of Israel, a criminal state that deports native, Jewish “schwartzers” from their own homeland in an execrable act no one dares condemn. Note that no white, apartheid government ever began a program to illegally deport native Negroes from their own country. Of course, “legality” has never been a problem for Jewish lawyers that simply rewrite the laws to make illegal matters legal, such as Israel’s deportations of its native Negroes.

To think gullible, stupid, ignorant, white, American sheeple allowed one of these African monkeys to take the highest office in their land beggars the idea of “white intelligence” as well as the race’s ability to survive the Jews’ murderous agenda for their genocide. Of course, not one white idiot will bother noticing the plight of white Zimbabweans or South Africa’s Afrikaners. Not one stupid American or European goy will ever bother to ask what these dying white people think of their murderous, despotic, Negro rule.

“What’s on TV tonight?” “What Negro Football League teams will go to the playoffs in this year’s Stupor Bowl?” “Who are the latest celebrities and what are their sex lives like?” Those are the important questions for the stupid, white goy herds, soon to be marched into the Jews’ neo-gulag abattoirs.

What follows is the result of corrupt Negro government running a jewed economy. Zimbabwe was the country where, not too many years ago, people were literally wiping their ass with Zimbabwean bank notes. Not as a show of disdain for the newly minted, hyper-inflated, jewed, Zimbabwean currency, but because the notes were literally worth less than the cost of toilet paper. Not too many years before the country was called “Rhodesia, the bread basket of Africa.” At that time, South Africa was dependant on the Rhodesian “bread basket” for its food supply. In fact, S.A. ran a trade deficit with Rhodesia for food. Is it any wonder that, with the elimination of the white farmer, all Africa now starves? So goes every country that operates its economy on phony, worthless Jewish scrip.


- Arch

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