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Jews will soon be kicked out of Peru!

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Sept. 11, 2012

Andean Peru National Socialism Movement, inspired by the liberator of Germany and Freedom-fighter of Europe, Adolf Hitler.

Lima, Peru – Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi Martín Quispe Mayta, leader of the Andean Peru National Socialism movement, is calling for the expulsion of Peru’s 5,000 Jews. Peru is home to some 30 million people.

The Guardian writes that the 38-year-old Mayta says Jews are to blame for his childhood poverty because Jews control the world economy. He finds inspiration in Henry Ford’s tome “The International Jew” and in Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” and has even concocted several of his own anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, namely, that a group of murderous Jews killed millions of native Peruvians for their gold.

Martín Quispe Mayta is giving the Roman victory salute, and at the same time showing Jews which direction they will be sent far far away from Peru and his people.

The vile enemy Jews have already started having horrific episodes of diarrhea, after sleepless nights of severe stomach problems.

Mayta’s far-right group has not yet earned enough signatures to become a political party, but his unabashed admiration for Hitler is cause for alarm. The party’s headquarters are decorated with renderings of Hitler and draped in a red, white, and black flag emblazoned with a symbol similar to the swastika. A copy of Mein Kampf is displayed prominently behind a desk.

Hook-nosed beasts are begging the government to throw the National Socialists in prison so that Peruvians can continue to be raped and plundered at the altar of Zion.

The Jewish Association of Peru issued a statement saying it denounced Mayta’s “open expression of anti-Semitic racism” and had “appealed to authorities to take the necessary measures to halt the incitement to racial and religious hatred.”


  • Source: The Voice of the Orthodox Jewish [baby-penis sucking] Community – “Lima – Peru’s Nazi Party Leader Wants To Expel Jews From His Country”