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Democrats now turn to . . .

Mat Staver

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Democrats are desperate to pass something … anything to make their supporters less angry. At Joe Biden’s urging, the Congressional Democrats are returning to the so-called “Build Back Better” (BBB) bill.

Democrats are pushing a new strategy to break up the bill to decentralize and distract the opposition. Then they plan to shove as much of it through the Senate as they can. This is a more dangerous strategy because they could be successful to push pieces of the bill through if we are not active in opposing each piece. Alternatively, they plan on using budget reconciliation to attach the BBB to a budget bill, which only needs 51 votes to pass.

Send your urgent faxes now to senators to stop the BBB’s radical takeover of our nation! — Mat

Already Joe Biden launched over an hour-long press conference pushing for the 2.2 trillion-dollar BBB bill to be the next priority in Congress. HR 5376 will do ALL the following:

  • Force banks to report all financial accounts that have 10,000 dollars in transactions over a year. This will trigger the IRS to investigate every transaction over 600 dollars.

  • Give the IRS almost 80 billion to increase audits and enforcement.

  • Pay the IRS another 150 million for lawyers to drag people to court.

  • Create a radicalized, militarized climate change “corps” in every state fully funded by taxpayers for housing, food, salaries, travel, etc.

  • Eliminate the Hyde Amendment, which will make your tax dollars pay for elective abortions.

  • Increase payouts for socialized medicine for certain Americans.

  • Block all faith-based childcare funding.

  • Establish taxpayer-funded babysitting and tuition from preschool up to the sixth semester in college.

  • Financially reward colleges and universities that teach and hire based on critical race theory.

  • Devastate black communities by kicking independent contractors and temporary workers out of their jobs, forcing childcare workers to be college graduates and taking over housing in local communities.

  • Offer state-issued identification—essentially amnesty, welfare (including child support) and voting capabilities—to illegal immigrants.

  • Offer welfare without any work, or attempt to work, requirements.

  • Take more inheritance from children and limit them to receive 50% less from their parents’ property.

  • Give unions nearly total control and subject owners and employers to penalties while exempting union bosses and officials.

  • And much more.

These provisions would be absolutely devastating to America.

When the House previously voted on the BBB, there were more Republicans who didn’t bother to vote than Republicans who voted against this bill!

We need to wake up the Republicans to the threats in this bill. For the past House vote, 108 of them didn’t even show up to vote against the BBB!

We tell members in the House and Senate to fight this socialist bill. They need to stop this bill now. Make your voice heard by the senators with your critical faxes today.

After the Democrats failed to pass the election fraud bill and abolish the filibuster, they have become increasingly concerned that their control of the House and Senate could be short-lived.

But they still have three paths forward with the BBB.

First, they can work to break this bill down into sections that the Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough will agree are budget reconciliation bills and only need 51 votes. There are complicated procedural issues with this, but they can be overcome if the parliamentarian agrees.

One of these complications is that now Democrats are working off the 2022 budget reconciliation bill (which was supposed to be passed last September).

Second, Democrats can start with several smaller new budget bills after the State of the Union speech for the 2023 budget.

Finally, Democrats can seek to overcome the objections of Senate Parliamentarian MacDonough to classify BBB as a budget bill. This would allow them to pass the BBB right now with just 51 Democrat votes.

I believe we can block all three paths. We can STOP this bill. The choice is ours to stand up and fight the BBB. We must have at least one Democratic senator say NO to block the BBB! Send your urgent faxes today.

The Democrats are under a lot of pressure right now. The Democrat Party in Arizona took a “vote of no confidence” against Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) because she refused to vote to abolish the filibuster.

In addition, funding for the reelection of these senators can be withheld if they do not follow the party plan. Funding is the main reason so many senators refuse to break ranks with their party.

The provisions in this bill invite the IRS to punish conservatives. It disadvantages religious parents, inhibits opportunities for children of U.S. citizens and bans employment opportunities for non-college-educated Americans. It is an unmitigated disaster of 2.2 trillion dollars! Tell Congress to block the BBB now!

At this critical time of year when bills are flying fast through Congress, you can help us have the resources to track and help patriots all across our nation successfully fight back. DOUBLE the impact of your donation with our Challenge Grant with a monthly recurring donation or a one-time gift today.


Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action



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