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After fleeing socialism, some immigrants fear for America’s future

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A diverse group of supporters gathered outside President Donald Trump’s hotel in Doral, Florida, hoping to catch a glimpse of him during a recent Latinos roundtable event. Many were exiles from socialist or communist regimes such as Cuba and Venezuela.

(Article by Bowen Xiao republished from

This personal backdrop—many having fled to America—and the notion that the Democratic Party has been shifting further left, are key factors behind their support. The administration’s repeated sanctions against the regimes of Venezuela and Cuba helped solidify their decisions.

Jorde Lewis, a Venezuelan American, said he couldn’t comprehend why anyone from his home country would vote for the Democratic Party, since he believes they are “offering socialism.” A majority of Venezuelans live in poverty and millions have fled the regime.

“We left socialism to come to a capitalist state,” Lewis told The Epoch Times on Sept. 25. “I know exactly what it’s like to live under socialism, not to have food, not .....