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Dancing With the Devil


“When you dance with the devil, you don’t get to pick the tune.”Sherrilyn Kenyon

All you Democrats…you entertained the hard left, beckoned them, invited them in to your ‘big tent’. You thought you could use them, manipulate them, and control them. You thought they cared. You thought you were so cool, playing world-class politics, having a slick answer for everything.
You have been had and you deserve it.

You are about to be taken over by hard-core communists, led by a ne’er-do-well, odious, atheist, corrupt politician

You are about to be taken over by hard-core communists, led by a ne’er-do-well, odious, atheist, corrupt politician, having never had a steady private-sector job in his life. He spent much of his pre-political career collecting unemployment checks, thrown out of a hippie commune for not pulling his weight… had a brief stint as a porn writer, and voted against a crackdown on pedophiles and internet child porn as late as 2003.
He managed to convince the city of Burlington, to hire him as their mayor at the age of 39. In the state of Vermont yet, the ‘Freedom and Unity’ state. Doesn’t say much for mottos anymore.
He was more honest than you were. He never pretended to be anything else. He honeymooned in the Soviet Union, was smitten by Fidel Castro, and you still wanted him…or was it his supporters you wanted? To add insult to your injury, he is not even a Democrat. But, he says he is now. He is defining your party with every other Democrat candidate now trying to deny their socialist leanings except maybe Bloomberg whose comfort zone is to just pay cash for the office and get a receipt. I’m not that sure you disagree with the senator all that much, it’s just his candor you hate. A fine mess you’ve gotten into.
You Democrats have much to answer for, a chance to remedy past sins…slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation…de jour and de facto, KKK lynchings, voting rights for blacks and women, voter fraud, a lousy education system, unrestricted abortion, open borders, free speech restrictions, the erasing of your history, fake dossiers. You enticed the poor and blacks with free stuff, absolving black fathers of any responsibility. It was never about people, was it? It was about votes and power. You beguiled many and kept them right where you wanted them…dependent on you in exchange for votes.
You are now scrambling to get rid of him, not the fictional Democratic Socialist, but the Marxist Communist sicko that you know he is. You danced with him and now you want to call it a night. The hard left he leads is aroused, smelling victory, and you think you can just dismiss them out of hand. Think again. It just might be too late. Your priorities for too long have been misplaced and you are now reaping the whirlwind.

You’re in a panic and it shows

You will try desperately to attempt the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ routine. But, the Devil will not let you go so fast. He will blow the trumpet to his supporters, of which they are now legion, and they will hear the charge. I will bet that you will continue your out-of-step dance lest you lose a large segment of your tent. You will play all sides, hoping for the best, leaving a nation wondering what you stand for. The dance could easily take you over the cliff.
Yes, you did have a brief shining moment, but it was a long time ago, and it has since been another downhill slide. You have long squandered any trust you had as a viable political party in this country. You need a winner and you finally realize it is not him, nor any other candidate you have to offer. You’re in a panic and it shows.
You have a choice…keep on your present course and face oblivion, or stop the nonsense, show the nation your loyalty is first to your country, and everything it stands for and come back home to the country you say you love.


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