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Further support for a communist culling in China

Jim Stone

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I have a perfect, random, infallable trace on 35 separate people in China and will know if they don't return to work.

How do I have that? Don't ask because I won't tell, I'll just say I don't score so many perfect hits by accident.

NONE have worked in over 2 weeks but that could just be the holidays. If this continues past March 2, I'll definitely be worried. These are random people and the Communist party can't possibly care about ALL of them. Waiting . . . . . .


Further support for a communist culling in China:

First "Captain obvious": In lots of videos, people who are "supposed to be infected by a virus that wrecks their lungs" are screaming their life force out, obviously in perfect health, as would happen if they knew there was a culling underway.

Second Captain obvious: This so-called "outbreak" was never stated to be any type of hemorrhagic illness, and in all too many videos massive amounts of life blood are gushing out of people's heads as they lay in the street, and there are no videos out there that show how that actually happened, they only show that it happened. Considering you can dub out gunshots from the audio tracks it is perfectly rational to consider that as a cause of death, Plus, there are PLENTY of videos from Falun Gong that have the gunshots. Yep, you wanted them dead, and now we know why. Bonus, their networks are obviously still in place, and they don't even try to "jump the wall", it simply does not exist in the context communists need it to.

Captain obvious conclusion: Somethings screwy with this.

NEVER let a crisis go to waste, right?

Here's the deal: We now have a binary poison that targets exactly the "right people" at a time when communists in China needed to purge dissidents badly, at the EXACT SAME TIME communists are openly calling for replacement of America's white population while they are doing the exact same thing in Europe. The plot ought to be obvious, without "Captain obvious" helping anyone. Pro tip: Don't launch a virus plot while you talk about wiping populations out.

FACT: A communist in China is the same as a communist in Europe or America, they will all work together to accomplish a global communist transition, and "Captain Obvious" has made a few observations as to how this is being fronted:

1. Front a scam in China and get rid of dissidents. They had a problem with dissidents they had to solve, and the timing was PERFECT. Perhaps there is a real virus, (there probably is) but there are also massive lies about deaths, and that's quite funky.

2. Openly and overtly place policies in all other countries that allow the "virus" to spread, or at least create the illusion that "in the name of freedom" they did not crack down soon enough. Make freedom and lack of control the scapegoat.

3. Release the binary poison outside of China, where information cannot yet be so firmly controlled, and create a real crisis. Make it look like the "virus" is spreading like wildfire as communists sit in comfort watching the show.

4. Destroy "freedom" and slam down total control on society, because too much "freedom" caused the problem. People need to grow up after all, and realize there's a solid reason for excessive monitoring and control of everyone.

5. When enough people have been scared into oblivion by the binary poison, issue the kill shot while advertising it as the cure and wipe out the populations in Europe, America and elsewhere that have been a long standing pain for the Communists.


Getting a nice insider tip about a binary poison that has pork as one side of the binary was nothing but a bonus you were not expecting. Yep, that would have worked, NO ONE would have figured that out.



Naturalwisdom and others - thanks for re-posting the earlier post. Here's the deal: Though there is a virus out there killing people, there is probably also secondary actions from Chicoms wanting to use the virus as a mask for taking out dissidents. One way or another, they are not being honest about deaths which have at least by now hit high six figures. Plus, totally separate to the virus, there's a binary neurotoxin that can also be released where needed that mimics some of the virus symptoms and that is what the post was about. If you eat pork, you have the other half of the binary all through you and you're toast if you get exposed, sorry pig farmers, people need to stop eating pork NOW because they could front one hell of a scam with this PLUS kill off people they don't want - white Christians, and replace everyone with their Muslim invasion force.

Buttigeig, Sanders, Pocahontas and others as well as the MSM have made it perfectly clear they want white America destroyed and replaced. Such a binary poison would do absolute wonders and it would not affect a single Jew or Muslim. It is simply too perfect.

Additionally, Iran's coronavirus is not the same as the one in China, I am waiting for this story to develop and will only reference Iran's media for that particular story, they won't lie about whatever happens there.

The existence of this poison is confirmed, my insider info is accurate. it is definitely how they plan to take out the existing population in America. There are too many people in Western societies with genes too similar to the Jews for a race specific bioweapon to work, they therefore developed a different type of tool to do this job. The probable goal is to create enough of a ruckus to scare everyone into getting a kill shot.

This has not been released anywhere in the United States yet, because if it was, it would be OBVIOUS, it would take out entire cities in a week. Hopefully posting this will stop it's deployment, which may have been part of this "coronavirus" plot.

I have no information as to whether or not a gas mask will work against this poison, but it is so potent you'd get nailed in your home anyway and you can't wear a mask full time that way without coming across like a fruitcake, the best solution is to simply stop consuming pork products.

 "They" are going to HATE this post. And I'm laughing.

Laughing at how they're now scrambling to try to figure out how the hell I communicated when their surveillance state has a lock down on everything. Gotta laugh.

FACT: You need your gadgets, and for that YOU SUCK.


Now that they got busted robbing Bernie, he's winning.

But Bernie against Trump is like a dash board troll against a Kodiak Grizzly, there's no way Bernie would ever get the presidency legitimately. Only Trump can do that at this point.

Jim Stone


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