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US humanitarian aid is ‘big lie’ & prelude to intervention – Venezuela’s VP

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"Time to get a bit of perspective on issues like Venezuela Pilgrims."

Ron: Dunno about you but i'm getting a bit 'jack' of all the US bullshit about Venezuela. Put up or shut up! Venezuela's current socio-economic difficulties commenced 20 years ago when President Chavas was democratically elected. Today's food and essential health and other commodity shortages result from US sanctions and CIA organised and funded socio-political destabilisation actions and outright terrorism in Venezuela.  Nothing new there. The US used the CIA to organise the murder of President Allende and thousands of Chileans in 1973 and has continued that activity throughout South and Central America ever since. The CIA is still using the same playbook, having murdered President Chavas in 2013. It is time that President Trump dropped the hammer on the CIA and the Deep State operatives who use US resources to do this.

Endless "humanitarian" bleating about famine, dying children and the hardship experienced by Venezuelans; and alleged brutality by Venezuelan security forces faced with murderous US backed insurrectionists, obfuscates the truth which is that NONE of the situations complained of by bleeding heart opponents of the courageous and essentially non-violent Bolivarian Revolution would have occurred without US organised interference in Venezuela's internal affairs by Bolshevik US Fascists. The Bolshevik's weapon of choice is famine. See eg: The Three Holodomor Genocides -