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Jews Officially Handing America Back to the Americans

Andrew Anglin

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With his trolling of the NFL, Trump has done what is likely to go down in history as the most important thing of his Presidency: he has forced all enemies of America to openly disavow the nation, and to state plainly that they are not – and in fact never were – a part of it.

The sheer scale of the importance of this historic event is difficult to even grasp.

What we have been dealing with since WWII when all of these Jews came into our country and took over is a psychological warfare program aimed at telling us that we were not us, that everyone else was us.

Jews redefined America from what it was founded as – a white nation – into “a nation of immigrants.” They took aware the concept of shared ancestry being the defining factor of nation and inserted the idea that somehow a nation could be defined by “an idea.”

A nation cannot be defined by an idea. A nation is not an abstract concept. A nation is a people and the land they live on: blood and soil.

They convinced everyone of this concept by exploiting guilt over black slavery – abolishing Jim Crow, laws which kept blacks as effectively guests within our society, they made them “equal,” thus giving them equal claim to the ability to define what America is.

From there, it was a downward spiral into “anyone can be American,” and while draped in the flag our ancestors bled for, they changed our immigration laws and opened up the floodgates.

All of this time, they continued to claim that if you were against “diversity,” you were somehow against the nation.

With this NFL kneeling scandal – the direct, unprecedented attack on America itself by the sportsball negroes – Jews have been forced to come out and finally tell the truth: that they and their hordes never were America.

It was always ours.

The Jew MJ Rosenberg writes for Huffington Post:

I’ve been in mourning since the election. My America is gone. Racists and “alt-right” fascists have seized control of my country. And the villain, the fiend, who made this happen was Donald J. Trump, along with various helpers, most notably the cowardly Republican establishment and the Russians.

Well, I’m done with that stage of mourning. I still despise Trump but I no longer think he is responsible for this catastrophe. No, the catastrophe began a long, long time ago, even before independence from Great Britain when we built our state on the backs of the enslaved and the extermination of the native peoples who lived here.

I know this is no startling revelation. So-called “revisionist” historians have been proving this for decades. But I’ve remained a patriot anyway, viewing the hundreds of years of evil as anomalies while exceptional moments and personalities like Lincoln, the Civil War, the New Deal, the Great Society and Obama represented who we really are.

How naive! Didn’t I get it?

like now and during the Holocaust

Nazi atrocities

As for helping the Jews, the American people was overwhelmingly against it

We can’t blame Trump for all that and certainly not for the racism, the Jim Crow, the lynchings, the police brutality, the sheer unending hate that African Americans have experienced from the very beginning.

All we can blame him for is for understanding this country better than we do and untapping the forces of hatred that were there all along. It’s as if there was some giant Hoover Dam behind which the real America was being held back until Trump figured out the secret to tearing it down. His innovation was to run a racist campaign not with dog whistles (the kind you get from the Gingriches, Huckabees, Cruz’s, etc) but to shout his hatred so loud and clear so that even the dimmest racist got the message: I hate them as much as you do. And, hearing that, they came out in astonishing numbers to vote their hate: against African-Americans, Muslims, gays, liberated women, and immigrants.

We may call Trump dumb but he figured out this country while we never did, understanding as the black militant H. Rap Brown put it 50 years ago, when he said that “racism is as American as apple pie.” And 46 percent of Americans voted for him, not in spite of that racism but because of it.

The bottom line is that the United States was never the America of our dreams. It has always been a cold, hard place and Trump is, in his own way, an appropriate American leader. We need to understand that.

Those people we despise, including Trump, can make at least as strong a claim to representing the real America as we can. Obama was wrong when he said that we are not two countries, one blue and one red. Because, in fact, we are. Our job is to make sure that our country prevails.

There you have it.

“Hundreds of years of evil.”

America itself is “racist” – that’s the Yiddish word for “white.”

Meaning none of these other people in our country are Americans.

And this begs the question:

Then what the hell are they doing here? 

The Gun is on the Table

It isn’t just this one Jew saying this.

The entire Jewish media is saying it.

There is no other way to justify what these sportball blacks are doing by openly and aggressively attacking the concept of our country. This is what the attacks on the Confederate flag and monuments was leading up to. As we’ve seen, they’re already attacking Thomas Jefferson and other Founding Fathers.

The struggle with the Jews is for ownership of America. And for most people, this is psychological.

In that sense, the Jews have just been forced to surrender. They have admitted that rightfully, this land and everything our ancestors built belongs to us.

Implicit in this is “we stole your country from you.”

They took it from us claiming “it is ours too because we are just the same as you,” but if they’re admitting it was always ours, then it necessarily implies theft by a foreign people.

They have surrendered because they believe it is time. That they have now beaten down America so badly, that they can simply claim that the entire nation has always been pure evil, and that it has to be destroyed completely.

I do not believe this is true. I believe this is the infamous Jewish hubris at work. And I believe this will be the end of them.

We are still the majority in this country. And we did elect Donald Trump.

We can take this country back.

What Jews have done is hand over the flag and the entire concept of America as a nation to us: white people who believe that this is our country, exclusively.

What that means is that we can now pick up the flag and genuinely claim – with the support of the entire Jewish media and establishment – to be the rightful owners and exclusive heirs to the American identity.

This is going to take some weeks, but it’s going to go fast. Very soon, we will see the same attack we have seen on the Confederate flag and monuments on the American flag and the monuments to our Founding Fathers.

We will hear a rallying cry from these people: “I am not American.”

And when we start hearing that cry, we have a very clear answer: “we are.”

The Jews have laid the gun on the table.

We now have the ability to rally all whites who do not agree to surrender their identity as an American around the ideology we have formed as the Alt-Right.

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

We can be the carriers of the torch of the American nation and ride in, draped in the flag, as saviors of the people. Saving from the alien Jew and his evil hordes of brown invaders.

The people will have no choice.

We’re going to be the only ones there to defend them.

Sure, these “Alt-Lite” types will be around – but what will they be saying?

As blacks, Jews and the rest of them scream “we are not Americans,” will they scream back “yes you are”?

And what will they tell the whites which they would be trying to rally?

“We are going to protect you from those people burning your flag and tearing down the monuments of your ancestors by trying to convince them through rhetoric that they are just like you”?

No one is going to buy that. The concept of “civic nationalism” only works when you have Jews using their entire machine to enforce it. When the Jews pull that – as they have already begun to do – the whole Jenga-stack comes tumbling down.

The Jews knew this was coming, which is no doubt something they factored in when they planned this internet shutdown.

Do or Die

In the mind of every white American who voted for Donald Trump – whether conscious or unconscious – “make America great again” meant “make America white again.”

We are approaching the defining moment of American history.

It is left to us – just us – to step up and claim rightful ownership of this nation, and to show the people the Jews who stole it from us.

And I will tell you this: it can be done.

Once we have the people behind us, the war is already over. At that point, we can directly – and maybe even peacefully – reclaim everything that was taken from us.

It’s a big job. But it is what all of this has been leading up to.

The final showdown.

Us vs. them.

Hail Victory.