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Mike King

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When we look back at Globalist-owned America's long history of making war against various "Bad Guys" from A-Z, the discerning student of history can't help but notice the conspicuous absence of "the other side of the story". Why is that? Consider; even serial killers such as Ted Bundy and David Berkowitz ('the Son of Sam'); and mass murderers like Charles Manson were not only given their day in court, but also a forum in the media. Shouldn't the related courts of history and current events at least present the version of affairs that the "bad guys" put forth?
If it's all lies, then it would be a simple enough task to present the lie, and dispel it with facts. Even if all of history's "bad guys" were either "crazy" or just lying through their teeth; shouldn't we get to hear their lies, for the sake of historical curiosity if nothing else?
It is often said that truth does not fear investigation. If that is so, then why are "the bad guys" always muzzled in the world press? Are we like little retarded children that must be shielded from the cunningly persuasive arguments of "the bad guys?" Or perhaps there is another reason why "the bad guys" have been silenced, even in death. In the interest of historical curiosity, and self-professed "American justice," we present just a small sampling of the numerous claims of innocence issued by "the bad guys" - past and present, who dare to oppose Holy America. Do with them as you wish.