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Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs

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FW:  Oct. 1, 2014

If you think that history is all about the past …  you’d better think again.

If you think the stories the Hebrew Bible had told about ancient Egypt was the whole truth … you’d better think once again.

And if you Believe that ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs … then you’d better read the next lines

Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs


The title might sound a bit strange and perplexing, but throughout the following series of articles I’m going to elaborate on the historical reasons why the rulers of ancient Egypt were called kings and not Pharaohs. It is a research that has taken many years of my life in which I hope to reveal that by straightening out this bizarre issue of pharaoh, the Israelite connection will eventually be exposed.

“Kings or pharaohs, what difference does it make?” some might argue.

Well, it would make a world of difference if we discovered that for thousands of years we’ve been living a myth, another twisted/misinterpreted Jewish tale that we continue to cling to and hold dear as the only irrefutable truth till this very day.

It would make a world of difference if we knew that what took place at that remote period of time in the ancient Near East, particularly in ancient Egypt and the Arab Peninsula has dramatically shaped, over the centuries and through our willful ignorance, the way we live today with all this web of political, ethnic and religious conflict and intolerance.  It is only by unraveling the truth and exposing the myths of that past could we untangle this web of antagonism and belligerence we currently endure. Separating the truth from the myth is what we hope to achieve.

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