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The Untold Egyptian Revolution: Humanity Rising Above Globalist Control

Kerry Cassitoy

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May 7, 2014

Excerpt:  ..."According to the Western Center for Journalism, as reported by Arabic News Channel TV-14 and Egypt Daily News, the judicial trial of Morsi for treason uncovered tangible evidence proving that US President Obama paid a secret bribe of $8.0 Billion USD to the Muslim Brotherhood, and secretly met with both Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders outside of proper diplomatic channels. [24] [25] "

Anonymous Pharaoh - The Egyptian Revolution of the People

The Untold Egyptian Revolution: Humanity Rising Above Globalist Control

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Prince Judge Matthew Greene, Ph.D.

Matthew Greene is an international judge authorized to preside in UN Courts of international justice and human rights, and to preside in national Courts applying international law and human rights laws. He served for 20 years as a Presidential level advisor, including over 7 years as a diplomatic Special Envoy, for multiple free countries supporting the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and BRICS alliance including the Russian Federation. In the course of such diplomatic assignments promoting anti-agenda and anti-globalist operations, Judge Matthew visited Egypt during all of its historic revolutionary events of 2011-2013, providing independent expert support to deep-state security officers of the Egyptian military.

© 2014 Judge Matthew Greene. All International Rights Reserved.

The Global Importance of the Egyptian Revolution to Humanity

Egypt became the frequent subject of international media attention since its revolution of 2011, mostly targeted for vilification of the entire country by sweeping overgeneralizations and fear-mongering. This took the form of much speculation, driven entirely by misleading and one-sided propaganda by Western media, with even the “alternative media” mostly unaware of the real facts on the ground, which never seemed to be noticed. However, there do exist certain controlling facts, which not only prove the underlying true nature of the events of the revolution, but also clarify the real-world context of subsequent events in Egypt. We cannot possibly hope to understand the truth of new ongoing current events, until we properly recognize the truth of what actually happened leading up to the present. This report is provided to preserve and highlight those tangible facts of reality, to empower global anti-agenda awareness and international political strategies to remain on track in a positive direction for humanity. What these long-suppressed facts boldly demonstrate, is nothing less than the power of humanity to rise above globalist control, and to overcome the institutional deceptions of Western neocolonial machinations. Egypt is a perfect example, indeed a microcosm, of the battle between the NATO oligarchic agenda of globalist enslavement, and the humanitarian forces of the people for good. To witness the true events on the ground (penetrating the media blackout against the truth), was literally to experience the full restoration of one’s faith in humanity.