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31 Years on Sabra-Shatila Massacre: Justice Delayed but Gaining Ground Franklin Lamb

Franklin Lamb

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Sept. 28, 2013

Shatila camp, Beirut

Each year, during the third week of September, Lebanon and this region, as well as international supporters, pause to reflect uSha1pon and commemorate the victims of one of the twentieth century’s most horrific and cynical crimes perpetrated by a member state of the United Nations. The Sabra-Shatila massacre took place September 16-19th in Beirut, a well-documented 48 hours of slaughter that saw the Shatila Palestinian refugee camp surrounded and sealed off by the occupying Israeli army, whose intent was to block and force back inside the killing field anyone seeking to escape the predicted orgy of butchery (see Bayan al Hout, Sabra and Shatila September 1982, Pluto Press).