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There is a wealth of deep wisdom to be learned from the child-like allegorical tales from Aesop's Fables. For centuries, stories such as The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Tortoise and the Hare, and The Ant and the Grasshopper had been staples of western elementary school education. But because these classic mini-stories taught critical thinking, instilled virtues and imparted important life lessons, the thought-provoking tales have, for the most part, long since been banished down the Orwellian memory hole of "modern education" -- since replaced by new classics like Barney the faggot dinosaur and Heather Has Two Mommies. And today's college kids wouldn't know their Aesop from their A-holes. What a gosh-darn shame.

For today's lesson in real history, let us first review Aesop's Fable of The Lion and the Three Bulls. Understand this simple little tale, and you'll know more about World Wars I and II than 99% of those diploma-decorated dorks who write the "official" history.


The Lion and the Three Bulls

Three bulls for a long time pastured together. A Lion lay in ambush in the hope of making them his prey, but was afraid to attack them whilst they kept together. Having at last by guileful speeches succeeded in separating them, he attacked them without fear, as they fed alone, and feasted on them one by one at his own leisure.


Rothschild's Great Britain is the lion. The three bulls are Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary.




Out of the Franco-Prussian war, imposed upon Prussia and her 30 smaller German allies by Napoleon III of France, a united Germany is born in 1871. Kaiser Wilhelm I is the big boss, but his Chancellor, the legendary Otto von Bismarck, is the political architect.




The 'Iron Chancellor' realizes early on that the greatest external threat to Germany is the Rothschild-influenced British and French imperialists; while the greatest internal threat are the Red revolutionaries (Communists / Anarchists). Wise Bismarck also understands that the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the great Empire of Russia are targets of these same external and internal forces as well. Indeed, Bismarck, Tsar Alexander of Russia, and Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria have all survived assassination attempts by this time.



In 1873, to check the evil Anglo-Franco-Judeo empire of the West, Bismarck's brilliant diplomacy brings the three empires into a defensive alliance - The League of the Three Emperors. The negotiated agreement unites the monarchs of Austria-Hungary (Emperor Franz Joseph), Russia (Tsar Alexander II), and Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm I) into a mighty defensive front. The League has three main purposes:



1- to serve as a mutual defense against the growing Red movements which have been terrorizing Europe since 1848

2- to avoid war among themselves, relying on diplomacy to resolve any future differences

3- to oppose the expansion of French or British power into Central and Eastern Europe


The military and financial power of the three empires forms a Central-Eastern European power base that the Rothschilds and their Franco-Anglo 'hit-men' will never be able to subdue. There can be no New World Order until this mighty defensive coalition is somehow broken up and smashed.


1 & 2 -The unity of the three empires makes a British-French conquest impossible.


3- Unflattering British cartoon depicts Bismarck as the puppet master of the three emperors.



There are two main causes of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 war. First, Russia desires to reclaim vital Black Sea territory lost in Rothschild’s Crimean War of 20 years earlier, fought against Britain, France & Turkey. The other objective is to liberate the Orthodox Christian Slavic populations of the Balkan states, currently under Muslim Turkish rule. Russia’s Orthodox Christian and Slavic allies, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, and Bulgaria, all fight with Russia.



Russia dominates the fighting and advances towards Turkey’s Capital (Constantinople). Dismayed that Russia may one day capture Palestine from the beaten Turkish Empire, Rothschild Britain’s Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli pressures Russia to accept a truce offered by Turkey; sending ships to the area to intimidate Russia and force a peace conference in Berlin, Germany.
 The Russians and their Slavic Allies actually won the war.
Just days before the important international conference is due to take place in Berlin, two assassination attempts are made against German Emperor Wilhelm I.  On May 11, 1878, a Red named Emil Max Hodel fires shots at the Emperor and his daughter as they travel in their carriage. Hodel is captured and then executed in August.
Three weeks later, another Red named Karl Nobiling fires a shot gun at the Emperor. The 82-year old Kaiser is wounded, but survives. Nobiling then shoots himself and dies three months later. The New World Order's war against The League of the Three Emperors is really starting to heat up.
Rothschild-owned Disraeli dominates the Berlin conference, which had been called into session to settle the Russo-Turkish war. Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, France, Italy, and Turkey attend the Congress of Berlin.  The Ottoman Turks still control the "The Holy Land", but Britain Rothschild masters wish to ultimately take over Palestine. Russia is committed to the protection of Orthodox Christians throughout southern Europe and the Ottoman Empire.
Just before the Congress of Berlin opens, Disraeli concludes a secret deal with Turkey against Russia, whereby Britain is allowed to occupy the strategic island of Cyprus. This gives Disraeli an advantage during the Congress and leads him to issue threats of war if Russia does not comply with the requests of the Turks (who lost the war!).


Another dirty pre-conference dirty deal is struck between the divisive Disraeli and Russia's ally, Austria-Hungary. Slavic Orthodox Christians, including the Serbian population of Bosnia, are to be put under Austria-Hungary's rule, not Serbia's. Russia and its Slavic allies of Bulgaria and Serbia had won the war against Turkey, but now many of the Slavs are to be transferred from Turkish rule to Austro-Hungarian rule. How very "nice" of Disraeli to award new territory to Austria-Hungary; and how foolish of Austria-Hungary to accept his 'Bosnian Horse'!


Image result for disraeli with bismarck

Cartoon 1 depicts Disraeli carrying the beaten Turks to victory at the Congress of Berlin. // Cartoon 2: Disraeli with Bismarck, who, for the sake of peace, persuaded the Russians to go along with the deal. // Cartoon 3 depicts Disraeli creating conflict at the Congress (Russian Bear, British Lion and a Turkey)


Chancellor Bismarck tries to keep the Disraeli-engineered controversies from breaking up the League of the Three Emperors, but the humiliation of Russia at the hands of Britain, Turkey, and Austria-Hungary is too much for it to bear. Russia pulls out of the League. Instead of being allied with Germany (who Disraeli also wants to isolate), Russia is now cut off from her, and placed in a position where it can be played off against Germany’s ally, Austria-Hungary - a classic divide & conquer scheme. Upon his return to England, the evil Disraeli boasts to Queen Victoria of how he killed the League of the Three Emperors.
Austria-Hungary and Turkey were the winners at Disraeli's Congress of Berlin. Serbia and Russia were the losers.

Disraeli and the Art of Victorian Politics / Page 182


 Disraeli: "Our great object was to break up and permanently prevent the alliance of the three Empires and I maintain there never was a general diplomatic result more completely effected." (here)


The split between Austria-Hungary and Russia is irreparable, but the sly Bismarck figures out a way to mitigate the damage. In 1887, a secret agreement known as "The Reinsurance Treaty" once again binds Germany and Russia to a non-aggression pact, sort of like a "two emperors" league. All the while, Germany remains committed to the defense of its Germanic brother Austrians. The treaty is void if Russia and Austria-Hungary go to war.

In 1890, perhaps under the influence of court intriguers, Kaiser Wilhelm II against Bismarck's advice, politely turns down Russian attempts to renew the Reinsurance Treaty. The young Kaiser clashes with Bismarck and eventually fires him. Although Wilhelm II maintains good relations with Russia, he has left Russia isolated and easy pickings for the New World Order.


1- British cartoon mocks the firing of Bismarck. // 2- The Tsar & the Kaiser. After the Reinsurance Treaty lapsed, the two new cousin Emperors (bulls) remained friendly, but were no longer bound in writing.  (*Alexander II was Russian Emperor when Treaty lapsed)


In 1892, France makes an opening to Russia. The two nations form the Franco-Russian Alliance. Russian literary legend Leo Tolstoy condemns this arrangement as a trick to one day draw Russia into a future French war, presumably against Germany. Tolstoy sarcastically describes the French as:


       "people who, without reason, suddenly professed such spontaneous and exceptional love for Russia."


As he neared his death in 1897, Bismarck tried to warn the young emperor Wilhelm II of what he saw in Germany's future:


"... the crash will come twenty years after my departure if things go on like this." ....."One day, the great European War will come out of some damn foolish thing in the Balkans.",_with_hat.jpg

1. Bismarck is dead. The great statesman and peacemaker foresaw the evil plot against Germany (and Russia).  2. The Russian novelist Tolstoy saw it coming as well.


In 1907, the trap is expanded to include Great Britain. The Alliance is known as The Triple Entente. War with one means war with all -- and it's coming!

Image result for triple entente

The Franco-Russian alliance encircles Germany and Austria-Hungary. Britain joined the alliance in 1907.


In 1914, when a gang of Serbian agents / separatists in Bosnia (part of Austria-Hungary because of Disraeli!) murder Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sofie, the Zionist press of Vienna fans the flames of war. Accusations are leveled against Serbia. The danger of the situation is that Serbia is under the protection of Russia; while Austria-Hungary is under the protection of Germany. Disraeli's destruction of the old League of the Three Emperors, instigated by his controversial redrawing of south eastern Europe's borders, has now yielded its rotten fruit.

Third cousins Kaiser Wilhelm and Tsar Nicholas of Russia exchange a series of passionate telegrams in which the Kaiser assures the Tsar of his attempts to mediate and hold back Austria-Hungary from attacking Serbia; and the Tsar thanking him for trying to keep the peace. The "Nicky-Willy" telegrams clearly reveal how both Emperors wanted desperately to avoid the coming bloodbath, but were caught up in something beyond their control.

When Austria-Hungary, against German wishes, makes its move on Serbia; the Russians begin advancing towards Austria-Hungary as their French "allies" also mobilize while the trouble-making British begin to stir. Facing the threat of encirclement from east and west, Germany is left with no choice but to defend its Austrian ally and strike in both directions. World War I is on.


The Great War was only triggered by the assassination. The real engineer of the disaster was Rothschild agent, Benjamin Disraeli, who died in 1881.

In 1917, the disaster of World War I triggers an internal Red uprising in Russia. The Tsar is overthrown and his entire family is murdered by the western-financed genocidal Communists.
Germany and Austria-Hungary will surrender in 1918. Their territories are chopped up and doled out to new or existing states, and their governments are replaced with western puppets. Having been skillfully turned against each other by both external and internal intrigue of the highest level, the three empires are no more. The Emperors should have read Aesop, and they should have listened to Bismarck!
The injustice imposed by the Allied rape of Germany (Treaty of Versailles) will eventually lead to what is essentially 'Part 2' of the same war, just 20 years later. Regular readers of know all about that horror story. But as the late Paul Harvey used to say -- now you know, the rest of the story.
1- Russia's Tsar is murdered       2- Germany's Kaiser flees for his life to Holland    3- Austria's Emperor is exiled to Portugal
Well played dirt-bag; well played.