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Mike King

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Dresden: Before & After
FEBRUARY 1945: The cultural wonderland of Dresden, Germany is swollen with terrified refugees who had fled westward from the rapists of Stalin's advancing Red Army. The city became so crowded that new arrivals were asked to go westward because there was no more room available. The refugees doubled the city's population from 600,000 to 1.2 million.
As part of a sick joke, the Allies choose the Catholic holy day of 'Ash Wednesday' to literally turn Catholic Dresden to ashes.
With Germany collapsing and the final outcome of the war already decided, between 200,000-300,000 innocent German civilians (some estimates are as high as 500,000 due to the refugees!) are burned alive by fire, boiled alive in molten pavement as they try to run, roasted alive in bomb shelters, or suffocated to death from smoke or oxygen depravation during the Dresden firebombings of February 13-15, 1945.
The tornado-infernos destroy 90% of the city's center, where most of the people are trapped. People burst into screaming balls of fire and pain, before their heads and organs explode due to the intense heat. To escape the open-air oven, terrified Germans flee toward death in the frigid river. The following day, British fighter planes machine-gun survivors on the ground.
Adding modern insult to historical injury, U.S. court-historians and the wholly-owned German government have since steadily downgraded the death toll to a ridicuolusly "low" 40,000!
Imagine filling up 4 - 8 football stadiums with majority women, children and elderly; saturating the structures with gasoline, and then lighting everything and everyone on fire. In essence, that was the Dresden fire-bombing.
Unlike the Germans who strove to restict their air-assaults to military targets and factories, the evil drunkard FDR, the drunken, cigar-chomping, bi-sexual beast Winston Churchill, and his boy Arthur Harris (aka 'Bomber Harris') carried out a campaign of deliberate extermination against the German populace. The fire-massacre of Dresden was their crowing achievement.



Now that you have an idea of just how cruel and unnecessary the Anglo-American massacre at Dresden was; brace yourselves for the modern-day images you about to see -- images of spiteful Jews and communists celebrating the anniversary of the genocidal attack. Think about this: in conquered and still-occupied  Germany, denying the phony Holocaust will get you arrested. But publicly celebrating the REAL Holocaust (which means "burnt offering") of Dresden is permitted and goes unopposed by the pathetic Germans of today.
1- Banner depicts a falling bomb and reads: "All good things come from above."
2- Banner reads: "Bomber Harris Superstar. Thank the Allies." 
3- Topless Feminists of Marxist "ANTIFA / 'FEMEN" celebrate the anniversary of Dresden.
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