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Hitlers 1939 Letter to France Urged Peace

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FW:  Oct. 15, 2015

August 28, 1939
Hitler Note and Paris Communique
The text of Chancellor Hitler's letter to Premiere Daladier of France:
Chancellor's Letter
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My dear Minister President:
I understand the misgiving to which you give expression. I, too, have never overlooked the grave responsibilities which are imposed upon those who are in charge of the fate of nations. As an old front line fighter, I, like yourself, know the horrors of war. Guided by this attitude and experience, I have tried to remove all matters that might cause conflict between our two peoples.

I have quite frankly given one assurance to the French people, namely, that the return of the Saar would constitute the precondition for this. After its return I immediately and solemnly pronounced my renunciation of any further claims that might concern France. The German people approved of this, my attitude.