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Berlin 1900 in colour!!!!

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FW:  May 15, 2015

this is a video showing berlin, the german capital around the year 1900, although the last scenes are from 1914. ENJOY!

P.S I´m sick of repeating it time after time, so here is the following:

i just wanted to keep the title as short as possible, so i didn´t want to write " Berlin and germany in the years of 1890-1920" . therfore, i chose the year 1900 to give the viewer a general idea of about what year the footage he is watching is from.

So yes, some scenes are from munich,(2) although the very most, 98% or so is indeed Berlin footage.

If you own some of that footage or and want credit for it or want it removed, please send me a message and I will delete it immidiatley!

Thank you.