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Michael Walsh

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Jan. 11, 2012

Not so fast; National Socialism was a global scale revolution against a Capitalist / Communist stitch up. A working class revolution it simultaneously faced down three of the world’s most powerful empires. Though defeated on the field of battle its valour is as epoch-making as the Trojan’s uneven encounter against all odds to save the Greek nation from the Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae.


The National Socialist revolution lasted thirteen-years yet 95% of your information on it focuses on its final year.


Now tell me; would you call yourself an expert on the British Empire if all you were told concerned their ghastly genocidal treatment of the Boer population. Would you consider yourself expert on U.S. or Australian history if 95% of what you knew focused on how their white colonisers destroyed and neutered the native populations? Those genocides are undeniable; the crimes alleged against Hitler’s Germany remain unconvincing and unproven.


It is a point I made during a 2-hour broadcast to a global audience on RBN radio network. The programme’s presenter, Deanne Spingola: ‘You were characteristically amazing today. May we schedule another program? The listeners love your information as they should. The truth just sounds and feels good! Your dignified, confident presence adds much to the credibility of your message.’


In this broadcast the groundbreaking RBN radio station revealed what life was like in National Socialist Germany during those near thirteen years. It told of how Adolf Hitler, a leader, overwhelmingly elected by an adoring populace, saved a humiliated and bankrupt nation. It described how in just three years he brought the German people to a level of prosperity that has never been matched; not even in post-war America during its better years.


To enlighten its delighted listeners it drew on just one of twenty-five chapters in WITNESS TO HISTORY by Michael Walsh.


Why does the carefully orchestrated Western media; as controlled as the Soviet propaganda machine, keep quiet about life in Germany 1932 – 1945? Because they don’t want you to know what life is like outside the Capitalist / Communist cage? Soon you won’t have a choice; the free for all market is going the same way as Gorbachev’s Communism; down the pan. Get used to it; National Socialism has returned to Europe.


Download or purchase a copy today. I guarantee you that you will be left in a state of shock when you discover the truth behind a revolution that today sees the barricades going up again across Europe.


Michael Walsh

Author : Historical Analyst : Journalism

Voice of Europe International Broadcaster Since 1964