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FULFORD: Hitler's Surviving

Benjamin Fulford

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Dec. 27, 2011

Hitlers surviving

Hello Ben,

can you talk about the survival of Hitler in Argentinia?

It's a missing link to nazis in the US.

The USA knew all since 1945 and protected Hitler.

Leo can't talk about it, because the P2 protects this secret.

The world must know.

Felix, Germany.  

There is a lot of evidence that Hitler survived. The story put out by Russia is that he left Norway in a submarine and ended up in Argentina. He lived there until he was 90. The other thing that Germans need to know is that the plot to kill Hitler was fake. It was designed so that the 5000 or so officers who were "executed," as part of this plot could be given new identities by Odessa after the war without being sought after.

The other thing that Germans need to know is that Hitler was the son of King George V of England and that Angela Merkel is his daughter. My sources for this information are many and varied and include the daughter of King Edward VII.